Our Korean Pre Wedding / Prenup Photoshoot

Jun 26, 2016


For starters, yay I'm back to blogging!  I know that I haven't posted in a very long time and while I was in hiatus, I got engaged to the love of my life. One of the first things we did to celebrate our engagement was to have our pre wedding / prenup photoshoot in South Korea. Why in Korea you say? Just look at this pre wedding pictures!

(All pictures taken from hellomuse.com)

Aren't they gorgeous? I first stumbled upon Korean pre wedding photoshoots by perusing Hello Muse (hellomuse.com), a website dedicated to pre wedding shoots. As soon as I saw the photos, I knew that I wanted to have a Korean style pre wedding shoot. If you would ask my fiance, he prefers the American or Filipino style prenup shoots which are more casual. But I convinced him that a Korean style pre wedding shoot is a nod to their tradition (he is Korean) and it's something that our parents would like to see. To be honest, I was excited to wear multiple wedding dresses and see my fiance in a tux. 

I had my fiance call a multitude of pre wedding photo studios and we settled with CN Studio in Gangnam. I love how their sample photos look so romantic and pristine. Plus, the price is also something that's affordable for us  as we are trying to save as much as money as we can for the wedding.  

(Here's a screenshot of their website) 

A sample picture by the studio ( look at those gowns! swoon..)

(Photos from cnstudio.co.kr)

Unfortunately, their studio is not open on my fiance's off day from work so we had to look for another studio. In the end, we had our photo shoot done by Nine Studio, also located in Gangnam. I've heard that most wedding photo studios are located in the ritzy area of Gangnam (cue gangnam style song by PSY)

(Here's a screenshot of their website)

Their storefront with big picture windows. 

The makeup room where they doll up the Bride and Groom to be. 

(All photos from ninestudio.co.kr)

For the pre wedding photo shoot by Nine Studio, the inclusions are the rental of  two wedding gowns and two tuxes, makeup, accessories and shoes, a 20 page photo album and a big frame of our chosen picture. All we had to do on the day itself was to show up. For the shoot, i bought my own wedding gown that I specifically purchased for the shoot but they didn't let me wear it. I'm sure they would let me wear it if I insisted enough but my Korean is not so well enough to translate. I also learned that we had to pay for a lady assistant to guide me. At first I was wondering why would I need an assistant but it became apparent enough on the shoot itself. We also had to pay extra if we wanted a copy of all the pictures on the day of the photo shoot and being the control freak that I am, I volunteered to pay for that.

So that's part 1 of our Korean Pre Wedding / Prenup Photo shoot experience. On the next part, I'll share some behind the scenes on the day of the photo shoot and some pictures as well. Thanks for reading! 

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