Changing Seasons

Dec 2, 2013




PicMonkey Collage


( Zara dress, Blazer from, Rusty Lopes espadrilles) 

Whenever fall season rolls around, I do get envious when pretty much everyone in the Northern hemisphere dons on sweater and boots. My favorite online stores change their merchandise whenever October has come and I can only gaze wistfully at faux fur jackets (never to real fur!). I live in the tropics and the temperature stays the same all year round ( we do get cold winds by december and january ) but I have decided this year to add some elements to make my wardrobe "transition" from summer to fall. This cotton dress from Zara is as summery as it can be but I found that adding a blazer to the mix can make the outfit appropriate for cold weather, or in my case, cold winds at the most.  

An interesting thing happened while shooting these pictures. The dog came trotting to us and wagging her tail all the way. She is a friendly little thing and as you can see, even tried to kiss me. As much as I'd love to take her home, I guess she belonged to the farm beside the road and I wouldn't want to be charged with dog kidnapping. 

Thanks for reading and have a good day!


Jing Kolca said...

Lovely dress dear. No shot without the blazer? :)

Dora said...

Love that pink blazer!

John Decker said...

This is a beautiful dress you are wearing and it looks very trendy. I like dresses that can be worn for many different occasions and styles. I have been into designing women's fashion for years now and it is always fun coming up with new ideas. This year, I think styles such as Day Dresses are going to be a huge hit because they can look great all the time.

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