The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang luxury mi powder compact review

Nov 21, 2013

I have a thing for beautifully packaged cosmetics and most korean cosmetics have artfully designed packaging that is so elegant you'll feel like a queen when you swipe it on. Take a look at this compact by the history of whoo, so beautiful isnt it? Let's see if it performs beautifully as it looks. 

A little bit of background: The history of whoo is a luxury korean skincare brand under LG. According to the history of whoo's website "traditional korean royal culture is revived with modern science to create the most precious aesthetic beauty". This Gonjhinyang line is the whoo's "basic skincare line that contains wild ginseng cordyceps sinensis and 'gongjhinbidan' a secret royal court heavenly beauty formula presented exclusively to the emperor and empress". If you wanna feel like an empress, then this skincare brand is for you! 

the history of whoo gonjinhyang mi powder compact


The box packaging is an elegant yellow with gold embossed lettering. The compact itself is a gilded gold color. It looks heavy but it's definitely not. I'm thinking this is the perfect accessory to whip out during parties and date for that touch up.  Not pictured is a velvet pouch that you slid the compact into to protect it from scratches. It's my first time to encounter a pouch to protect a compact but with something as beautiful as this, it definitely needs some lovin'. If that's not luxury then I don't know what is. 

the whoo gongjinhyang mi powder

Upon opening the compact, you can see the same embossed design on the outside printed on the compact. I have the shade number 1 which is a pink beige color. This compact also has spf 30 protection PA++ which I think is a wonderful added feature since I live in a tropical country. No more separate touch up sunblock application! 

the whoo gongjinhyang mi powder


Very soft, almost velvet like.


The shade number 1 has a pink beige color and is perfect for those with pink undertones. It has a slight shimmer when heavily swiped but when it's on the face, the shimmer is not so noticeable but gives a slight glow. 

the whoo gongjinhyang mi powder


It lasts some 4-5 hours on my skin before touching up. On colder climates, it might probably last the whole day. It doesn't look patchy when some oil has appeared on the face and in my opinion, looks better when it wears off a little. 



light but I find that it smooths pores and doesn't look stark white. It might be a tad pink but once it's been on the face, it blends beautifully in the skin

To conclude, let's see the Pros and Cons:

elegant casing
functional cosmetic ( with spf 30 sunblock)
powder gives a healthy glow to the skin

expensive ( at koreadepart, the refill alone is 40 dollars)
too delicate for everyday use (unless you use the velvet pouch provided)

Personally, I would buy this for the packaging alone ( i know, i'm a sucker for pretty designs) but for the price, it performs beautifully. If you're in the market for a high end powder compact, give this a try. Thanks for reading and have a good day ahead!


Gellie Abogado said...

Fancy packaging, indeed! Screams expensive even without knowing what the price is. Hehe.


Angela said...

Ooohh the packaging looks gorgeous. I would just like to hold that haha.

Would appreciate if you checked out my blog :)

Ariful Islam said...

Oh my gosh! cordyceps sinensis is now using in skin care. Really organic cordyceps powder is a awesome medicinal ingredients.

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