Review: Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer Baby Glow Mist

Jan 28, 2013

Lately, I've been noticing how k pop girls have this dewy complexion that I absolutely covet. It just radiates glow and health! I have tried the Nymph Aura Volumer at the store and it made me sad how I can not wear that in the hot and humid environment where I live due to its sticky nature. Until this product came along. 

etude house nymph aura volumer baby glow mist

According to Etude House, this product is a makeup glow mist that instantly boost dewy glow and hydration with just one refreshing spritz. If you're curious about the ingredients, take a peek at the picture below. 

etude house nymph aura volumer baby glow mist

The baby glow mist has a very fine spritz. No need to pat it with your fingers as it spreads quite evenly on the face. Just make sure that you close your eyes while using this product. It also has a very floral fragrance upon spritzing but it quickly dissipates. 

etude house nymph aura volumer baby glow mist

At first, I didn't have high expectations of the product since the original nymph aura volumer is sticky to touch. I keep expecting how this mist is gonna turn greasy. But it settles quite nicely and the feeling is hydrating. 

etude house nymph aura volumer baby glow mist

I did my usual makeup base routine of cc cream + cream blush then topped it off with translucent loose powder then used the the baby glow mist on my face. I didn't do any retouching on the photo so you can see the effect better: 

etude house nymph aura volumer baby glow mist

I love how my complexion looks dewy without feeling oily! The baby glow mist gave a natural sheen on the face and acted as a highlighter on the angles of the face. I have this habit of over powdering my face and I can instantly correct it with a spritz or two of this mist. It didn't feel greasy at all even if I wore it for 8 hours. 

1. Don't overdo the mist. Try to spritz one pump per side of the face then go up from there if you still need an added glow.
2. Use the product as a setting mist. Use the product after applying all the base makeup so you can still have coverage on the face. 
3. Try to spray the baby glow mist on the bridge of the nose and cheekbones. Light naturally hits these areas on our face and the sheen from the product acts as a highlighter. 

etude house nymph aura volumer baby glow mist

Will I repurchase? Definitely. I just hope they don't take it off the shelves as Etude introduces new products quite quickly. As for the cost, I bought this at the Etude House store in SM Baguio and costs about 545 php for an 80 ml bottle. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed my first beauty post! 


Gellie Abogado said...

Since I'm a cheap-ass this can be a bit costy, but with the effect on you, I can see it's all worth it. Wouldn't hurt to try once but I might get hooked! Thanks for sharing your review! :)

sherene said...

Hi! When i go to baguio will some this:)

sherene said...

* will buy some of this:)

aiz kim said...

oooh i want to try. I may not have the occasion to use it for but I would love to play with it. :)

CutestPrincess said...

wow, that's what i'm looking for... thanks for sharing, sis... i'll buy one, soon!

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Wendy Ayche said...

Omg you’re so cute!!
Much love,

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