Changing Seasons

Dec 2, 2013




PicMonkey Collage


( Zara dress, Blazer from, Rusty Lopes espadrilles) 

Whenever fall season rolls around, I do get envious when pretty much everyone in the Northern hemisphere dons on sweater and boots. My favorite online stores change their merchandise whenever October has come and I can only gaze wistfully at faux fur jackets (never to real fur!). I live in the tropics and the temperature stays the same all year round ( we do get cold winds by december and january ) but I have decided this year to add some elements to make my wardrobe "transition" from summer to fall. This cotton dress from Zara is as summery as it can be but I found that adding a blazer to the mix can make the outfit appropriate for cold weather, or in my case, cold winds at the most.  

An interesting thing happened while shooting these pictures. The dog came trotting to us and wagging her tail all the way. She is a friendly little thing and as you can see, even tried to kiss me. As much as I'd love to take her home, I guess she belonged to the farm beside the road and I wouldn't want to be charged with dog kidnapping. 

Thanks for reading and have a good day!

The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang luxury mi powder compact review

Nov 21, 2013

I have a thing for beautifully packaged cosmetics and most korean cosmetics have artfully designed packaging that is so elegant you'll feel like a queen when you swipe it on. Take a look at this compact by the history of whoo, so beautiful isnt it? Let's see if it performs beautifully as it looks. 

A little bit of background: The history of whoo is a luxury korean skincare brand under LG. According to the history of whoo's website "traditional korean royal culture is revived with modern science to create the most precious aesthetic beauty". This Gonjhinyang line is the whoo's "basic skincare line that contains wild ginseng cordyceps sinensis and 'gongjhinbidan' a secret royal court heavenly beauty formula presented exclusively to the emperor and empress". If you wanna feel like an empress, then this skincare brand is for you! 

the history of whoo gonjinhyang mi powder compact


The box packaging is an elegant yellow with gold embossed lettering. The compact itself is a gilded gold color. It looks heavy but it's definitely not. I'm thinking this is the perfect accessory to whip out during parties and date for that touch up.  Not pictured is a velvet pouch that you slid the compact into to protect it from scratches. It's my first time to encounter a pouch to protect a compact but with something as beautiful as this, it definitely needs some lovin'. If that's not luxury then I don't know what is. 

the whoo gongjinhyang mi powder

Upon opening the compact, you can see the same embossed design on the outside printed on the compact. I have the shade number 1 which is a pink beige color. This compact also has spf 30 protection PA++ which I think is a wonderful added feature since I live in a tropical country. No more separate touch up sunblock application! 

the whoo gongjinhyang mi powder


Very soft, almost velvet like.


The shade number 1 has a pink beige color and is perfect for those with pink undertones. It has a slight shimmer when heavily swiped but when it's on the face, the shimmer is not so noticeable but gives a slight glow. 

the whoo gongjinhyang mi powder


It lasts some 4-5 hours on my skin before touching up. On colder climates, it might probably last the whole day. It doesn't look patchy when some oil has appeared on the face and in my opinion, looks better when it wears off a little. 



light but I find that it smooths pores and doesn't look stark white. It might be a tad pink but once it's been on the face, it blends beautifully in the skin

To conclude, let's see the Pros and Cons:

elegant casing
functional cosmetic ( with spf 30 sunblock)
powder gives a healthy glow to the skin

expensive ( at koreadepart, the refill alone is 40 dollars)
too delicate for everyday use (unless you use the velvet pouch provided)

Personally, I would buy this for the packaging alone ( i know, i'm a sucker for pretty designs) but for the price, it performs beautifully. If you're in the market for a high end powder compact, give this a try. Thanks for reading and have a good day ahead!

Travel Tales: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Oct 30, 2013

Travelling to Vietnam has really surprised me, visually, gastronomically and emotionally. At first, I really didn't know what to expect but Ho Chi Min City or formerly, Saigon, has really charmed me. Admittedly, the feel of the city is unlike the vibe of Manila but it helped us feel immediately at home.


This is the view from our hotel room and we counted ourselves lucky to have scored a room that has an amazing view of this rotunda of General Tran Nguyen Han. Our hotel is just beside the famous Ben Thanh market and just in case you are curious, the hotel is called Silverland Central.

ho chi minh pho

 The famous vietnamese Pho which I think I have eaten everyday. There are different kinds of Pho and this one is of the seafood kind. I also tried the different kinds of Pho at Ben Thanh market and everything is absolutely delicious. I must say, the food in Vietnam is excellent, be it from the street vendors selling Banh Mi or the chic restaurant Cuc Gach Dang (which we dined in our last night and learned that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt has once eaten there.

thien hau temple saigon

ho chi minh

 This is the first stop of our city tour, the Thien Hau Temple. I love how serene and meditative it is.


 The Reunification Palace, formerly known as the Independence Palace, is one of the most visited sites in Saigon. Everything in the palace is frozen in time as nothing has been changed since the Fall of Saigon in 1975. For a history buff like me, I was excited to go in.


Our knowledgeable tour guide briefing us before going in.


  And of course, the outfit of the day shot. Saigon has tropical weather and it was sweltering at March when we were there. 




The war remnants museum is a must see stop of the city tour. There are a lot of graphic images which would reduce a person to tears and tales of suffering. The experience in the museum is very moving, if only to remind us that this kind of war should never happen again. 



The notre dame cathedral in Saigon. Vietnam was colonized by the French and as such, remnants of French influence and architecture can be seen around the city. 


This was not part of the city tour but I highly recommend going to this place. The Saigon Bitexco Financial tower is the highest building in the city and has an observation deck. Go when the sun is about to set to see the whole city transform from day to night. Very romantic! 


The bar on the observation deck. Prices are quite reasonable and the view is just amazing.

Ho Chi Minh is a warm, vibrating city. Full of culture, delicious food and historic tourist spots, it is a must see in every world traveler's list. I've been lucky to share this experience with good friends and the memories are something I would cherish. If you're gonna ask me if I will go back, definitely yes because mainly of the food. I wish you've enjoyed my photos and have a good week ahead!


All about beauty: O Hui CC Cream review

Jul 8, 2013

I'm a big fan of BB creams. I swear they have changed how my skin looks and it was an incredible alternative to heavy foundations. So when CC cream came out, I wasted no time in finding one as they say it is a refined version of BB cream. 

o hui cc cream dress up cherie

Don't you just love the delicate pink packaging of this Ohui CC cream? I think one of the reasons I bought this particular CC cream is its packaging ( i love everything pastels!) and I really hoped that the cosmetic performs beautifully as its packaging. As you can see, they have defined CC as color control and has an added benefit of SPF 28. A little background on Ohui: it is a luxury korean cosmetic brand under LG. The Ohui philosophy is "when science and nature meet".

ohui cc cream dress up cherie

The packaging is something that I have never seen before and just adds to the excitement in trying the product. You gently press on the white part and it pumps the product up to the surface. Surprisingly, it's very easy to control the product dispensed and if you ever pump too much, you can just pop the lid back on top without touching the cream and leave it there for future use. 

According to the product description, the CC cream changes color to match the skin tone. It contains microcapsules containing pigments that break upon spreading. As you can see, there are noticeable pigments of yellow and beige on the cream as I swiped it on my hand. It's a nifty invention by showing us how color is such an important part of the cc cream.

ohui cc cream dress up cherie

To see better, I have also swiped it around the container to see the myriad of colors in the cc cream. Can you see pink, beige and yellow?

ohui cc cream dress up cherie

To compare on how it fares well against the BB cream ( I used one from Ohui as well), I swiped the creams at the back of my hand. In my opinion, CC cream blends beautifully on the skin as the BB cream can be a stark white color. So it does the job of color correcting the skin! The biggest improvement that I can infer is that CC creams don't have the gray undertones that most BB creams have. 

As to texture, it glides smoothly on the face and gives off a calm glow on the skin bordering on matte ( as compared to the dewy effect BB creams impart). It also covers blemishes nicely and lasts a good 4-5 hours before touch up.  Perhaps the only thing I didn't like about this is the shade can be a bit yellow and I have fair skin with pink undertones. I hope in the future they can create more shades like BB creams as "one shade match all" doesn't really work on most people.

In conclusion, cc creams seem to be a cross between bb creams and foundation. It gives a nice coverage while still having that lightweight feeling that bb creams have. If you absolutely hate the gray undertones of bb creams, then I say definitely go for this.

Where to buy:
I bought mine at for 30 usd.

Thanks for reading and have a nice week ahead!

Catching up to Summer

Jun 17, 2013

cherryl ramos thunderbird poro point

dress up cherie cherryl ramos thunderbird poro point

thunderbird poro point cherryl ramos

( dress from SM, mendrez wedges, charles and keith bag)

Whenever I know we'll be going to spend a day in this place, I couldn't resist dressing up and take pictures. The hotel has a santorini like vibe and the sight of blue seas, breezy winds and white and blue architecture never fails to make me happy. Of course, I do try to dress in a nautical theme and this striped dress that is hanging in my closet seems to be the perfect outfit to complement this beautiful place. 

Minty Green

Jun 3, 2013

cherryl ramos dress up cherie



(thrifted dress, parisian shoes)

Sometimes, life happens.. Which may explain my long absence from my blog. I promised myself to post regularly this time, as the dearth of blog posts also means that I haven't been interacting with my precious camera lately and I have totally missed the spontaneous road trips I take for my blog. And, not to mention, dressing up. 

Have a lovely weekend ahead lovelies. 


Apr 7, 2013

cherryl ramos

cherryl ramos

dress up cherie


(dress from SM dept store, Tory Burch bag, Aldo pumps, Louis Vuitton bangle)

Who knew yellow and pink could make a pretty color combination? I've had this floral dress for a while now but I've always reserved it for the weekends. At first, I was stumped on how to make this work appropriate as I debated on wearing beige or black shoes but I found that following the main colors of the dress can make for a matchy effect. I unearthed a forgotten box of yellow pumps and grabbed my yellow Tory Burch bag and in no time, I was out the door. You see I'm not a girl who likes to match things (color of bag should also be the color of shoes) but once in a while, it makes for a refreshing change of wardrobe mixing. 

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful week ahead!

Midi skirt on Valentine's day

Feb 14, 2013

dress up cherie asos skirt

Being petite, I avoid midi skirts like the plague. They stop midway between the knees and ankle and they would require a pretty high heel to balance things out. But when I saw this ASOS midi skirt on sale, I couldn't resist buying it. 

cherryl ramos

Michael Kors Sunglasses

sam edelman asos skirt

ASOS skirt, Banana Republic top

spikes bejewelled clutch

bejewelled clutch from Landmark

dress up cherie

Sam Edelman heels 

The print is just the perfect contrast to the black and surprisingly, midi skirts are comfortable and modest! A tip on wearing midi skirts: make sure the fit is just right, it will make a big difference on how the whole outfit looks. Admittedly, I ordered mine a tad too big as I had relied on the size chart and I have realized now my correct size.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! How I wish I could celebrate with my bf (he's currently in korea) but I guess a skype date will do as well. Wishing you a lovely day to celebrate with your loved ones and most of all, yourself.  

Review: Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer Baby Glow Mist

Jan 28, 2013

Lately, I've been noticing how k pop girls have this dewy complexion that I absolutely covet. It just radiates glow and health! I have tried the Nymph Aura Volumer at the store and it made me sad how I can not wear that in the hot and humid environment where I live due to its sticky nature. Until this product came along. 

etude house nymph aura volumer baby glow mist

According to Etude House, this product is a makeup glow mist that instantly boost dewy glow and hydration with just one refreshing spritz. If you're curious about the ingredients, take a peek at the picture below. 

etude house nymph aura volumer baby glow mist

The baby glow mist has a very fine spritz. No need to pat it with your fingers as it spreads quite evenly on the face. Just make sure that you close your eyes while using this product. It also has a very floral fragrance upon spritzing but it quickly dissipates. 

etude house nymph aura volumer baby glow mist

At first, I didn't have high expectations of the product since the original nymph aura volumer is sticky to touch. I keep expecting how this mist is gonna turn greasy. But it settles quite nicely and the feeling is hydrating. 

etude house nymph aura volumer baby glow mist

I did my usual makeup base routine of cc cream + cream blush then topped it off with translucent loose powder then used the the baby glow mist on my face. I didn't do any retouching on the photo so you can see the effect better: 

etude house nymph aura volumer baby glow mist

I love how my complexion looks dewy without feeling oily! The baby glow mist gave a natural sheen on the face and acted as a highlighter on the angles of the face. I have this habit of over powdering my face and I can instantly correct it with a spritz or two of this mist. It didn't feel greasy at all even if I wore it for 8 hours. 

1. Don't overdo the mist. Try to spritz one pump per side of the face then go up from there if you still need an added glow.
2. Use the product as a setting mist. Use the product after applying all the base makeup so you can still have coverage on the face. 
3. Try to spray the baby glow mist on the bridge of the nose and cheekbones. Light naturally hits these areas on our face and the sheen from the product acts as a highlighter. 

etude house nymph aura volumer baby glow mist

Will I repurchase? Definitely. I just hope they don't take it off the shelves as Etude introduces new products quite quickly. As for the cost, I bought this at the Etude House store in SM Baguio and costs about 545 php for an 80 ml bottle. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed my first beauty post! 

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