Off to a wedding: Caleruega and Tagaytay Highlands

Dec 20, 2012

cherryl ramos caleruega

Ahh destination weddings.. Just those two words are enough to ignite the wanderlust in me. So when a close childhood friend invited me to her wedding in Tagaytay, I just couldn't say no. First, there's nothing more romantic seeing two people very much in love tie the knot and second, I have vague memories of Tagaytay as I have only been there two times in my life and the third, is my boyfriend's first time to experience a Filipino wedding.  

dress up cherie caleruega

The wedding invitation said formal and I was in an absolute ditz on what to wear ( choosing what to wear to a wedding is always tricky isn't it?). It was an afternoon wedding with a dinner reception so I decided to wear something mid length. I had a dress custom made inspired by this lovely creation by Ulyanna Sergeenko ( link here ) and it originally had a strapless bustier but I didn't want to worry about being self conscious. In the end, I decided to pair the skirt with a modest lace top. 

dress up cherie cherrylramos


Charles and Keith orange heels 


Of course, we couldn't leave Tagaytay without seeing the world famous Taal Volcano. We stopped for a coffee break at Starbucks not knowing that there's an excellent view right there. We experimented using a fisheye lens and it's perfect for getting a really wide view ( plus, you can take self pictures as a couple and the background will be included too!)

starbucks tagaytay



A tip for those going to Caleruega: you have to enter Evercrest to get to the church, go straight until you see a road going to the right and from there , a 5 to 10 minute drive going downhill. The road is not so good and it will hinder you from going fast.  Also, it helps to be early as parking can be difficult. I've heard that the entrance to the church grounds is a bit of a climb but if you're a wedding guest, you can use the small gate at the side of the church. 

Sorry for the long post. I hope everyone is enjoying the upcoming holidays. May you have a happy and delightful holidays wherever you are in the world. Cheers!

Chiffon and Lilac Lace

Nov 20, 2012







( blazer from causeway bay, dress by nine, charles & keith bag, parisian shoes )

Who doesn't love a good form fitting blazer? It goes perfectly with dresses, shorts, jeans and can be dressed either up or down. Talk about being the most versatile item in the closet. But living in the tropics also mean hot and humid weather and sometimes wearing a blazer isn't an option. So when I saw these chiffon sleeve blazer from my recent trip to hong kong, I immediately knew it was perfect it as it doesn't feel stuffy at all and I went home satisfied even though it was the only clothing I bought on the trip.

Have a great week and thanks for reading!

See you at!

Nov 10, 2012





( blanc et noir dress, so fab heels )

Hello!  It's been so long since I posted that if cobwebs can grow into blogs, mine would have a fair share. I guess the reason I've been on a hiatus is that I was confused on what direction my blog is heading. Over the past few months, I've been inspired by newly discovered blogs and at one time, I tried to emulate their concepts but it just felt that I was being a copycat. I've come to the conclusion that being yourself is the only thing that matters especially when putting yourself out there for everyone to see. So for a fresh start, I've changed the layout and the name of my blog. I've also moved to the domain and if you're more familiar with my blogspot address,, don't worry it redirects to my new site name. I've also added a section for beauty as I've become somewhat of a beauty junkie this past few months as well. So I hope to see you around and if truth be told, getting back to blogging takes some time getting used to. 

Have a great weekend!

Flora Love

Aug 27, 2012






(Never been kissed dress, YSL tributes, ring fr Panopio jewelry)

Time flies so fast when you're having fun as they usually say. So fast that I just realized that it was one month and a half since my last post! My long distance boyfriend had suddenly visited me earlier than expected and between work and getting to know each other again (i have to admit, long distance and being beside each other everyday is an altogether different experience) that there was almost no time for blogging. But I digress, there's always time for blogging right? *wink*. Then a sudden idea popped into my head, turn the bf into a photographer! Between giggles and pointing out my best angles, we came out with decent photos and I think he kind of did a pretty good job. Loving this low back dress I got from Never been Kissed and the floral print got me inspired to whip out my floral headband as well. Here's hoping I can get back to a more regular blogging schedule!

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend! 

Little Blue Rabbit

Jul 9, 2012








( Dress from Korea (by.JOON) , Vivienne Westwood for Melissa sandals, YSL ring, Liz Claiborne bag)

I hardly dress with matching colors from head to toe but today I was in the mood to wear some blue all over. When I first saw this dress, I totally fell in love with its cute little rabbit and pony prints. I'm just glad that the color is a navy blue to tone down the cutesy factor. I paired it with this Vivienne Westwood for Melissa sandals which has to be the most unique pair of shoes I own! It never fails to amaze people as it looks like I'm balancing blue balls on my feet. Unfortunately, the thatch of forest we photographed in has a softer earth than I had imagined and these poor shoes got themselves muddied. Oh well, nothing like a good cleaning can fix. On the other hand, I've been taking my photos early in the morning lately due to everyday rains at dusk and what a difference early morning light can do! As much as I love the warm glow of a sunset, there's also something unique in the cool cast of early light. 

Thanks for reading as always and have a great week ahead!    

Telephone Booth

Jul 1, 2012






( Folded and Hung dress, YSL tribtoo pumps, Panopio jewelry tourmaline earrings)

Taking a break from all the pinks I've worn on every blog post this year, which is something that I've realized just a few days ago! So here's a look that's not so dainty and a little bit more grown up which reminds me of a conversation I had with my cousin. We were shopping one weekend and she remarked that she wanted to overhaul her wardrobe to become more grown up and age appropriate. It led me to think that my own closet has a juvenile appeal since it has a lot of pinks, pastels, ruffles and other girly accoutrements. But then part of growing up is having confidence in yourself and really caring less about what others think. So for now, I'll keep my closet the way it is and after all, fashion comes in phases, who knows, a year or two from now, a closet overhaul is what I'll need. 

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend as always!

Purple Peplum

Jun 24, 2012







( Folded and Hung skirt, Native shoes, Dooney and Bourke Bag)

The peplum trend is a trend that I'm in love right now. I think it's very flattering, gives emphasis to the waist and has a vintage ladylike feel since it references the fashion of the 50's. We had some time to spare before going back home so we took photos at Camp John Hay which I think is one the best preserved places in Baguio ( much of the city is so urban, it's losing its natural feel but i'll save the ranting later). I paired it with this Native sneakers since I had to run business errands that day and I can't stop raving about these shoes. I used to be averse to sneakers but these pair are the softest and I have been wearing them almost everyday. It just goes to say that in fashion, one should never say never. 

Thanks for reading and apologies for the haggard look i'm sporting here. I forgot how much stressful driving up to Baguio can be :D

Hot Pink

Jun 10, 2012






( Folded and Hung dress, Parisian shoes, hat from SM dept store, twozero necklace)

I've been posting blog entries rather sporadically these days and I really apologize for that. I've been tangled up lately in product development for the food company I work in leaving no time for outfit shots. But I really miss blogging and I just decided to delegate things a bit for one morning and hie off to my secret place to take pictures. I feel like it's been eons ago since my last post that I felt so awkward doing poses the day we shot this and ended up shooting like 50 shots of the same pose. Anyway, I found this dress on sale and what a hot pink it was. I read somewhere that color can influence our emotions and this shade of pink just screams power and femininity, in which, come to think of it, is not a bad thing to feel at work isn't it?

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend as always! 

Bows and Frills

May 22, 2012






( top and shorts from bangkok, louis vuitton inclusion bracelet, vivienne westwood for melissa platforms)

I didn't really notice I was wearing bows literally from head to toe until I was editing the pictures. Bows for me are the easiest way to add a touch of femininity in any outfit and sometimes, the more the better isn't it? As terrific as summer can be, there is a limited choice in what to wear ( or just choosing the sheerest item i have) and the change in season has been such a welcome relief giving way to much more sartorial choices. 

Thanks for reading and have a good day! 

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