Flora Love

Aug 27, 2012






(Never been kissed dress, YSL tributes, ring fr Panopio jewelry)

Time flies so fast when you're having fun as they usually say. So fast that I just realized that it was one month and a half since my last post! My long distance boyfriend had suddenly visited me earlier than expected and between work and getting to know each other again (i have to admit, long distance and being beside each other everyday is an altogether different experience) that there was almost no time for blogging. But I digress, there's always time for blogging right? *wink*. Then a sudden idea popped into my head, turn the bf into a photographer! Between giggles and pointing out my best angles, we came out with decent photos and I think he kind of did a pretty good job. Loving this low back dress I got from Never been Kissed and the floral print got me inspired to whip out my floral headband as well. Here's hoping I can get back to a more regular blogging schedule!

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend! 

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