Bows and Frills

May 22, 2012






( top and shorts from bangkok, louis vuitton inclusion bracelet, vivienne westwood for melissa platforms)

I didn't really notice I was wearing bows literally from head to toe until I was editing the pictures. Bows for me are the easiest way to add a touch of femininity in any outfit and sometimes, the more the better isn't it? As terrific as summer can be, there is a limited choice in what to wear ( or just choosing the sheerest item i have) and the change in season has been such a welcome relief giving way to much more sartorial choices. 

Thanks for reading and have a good day! 

Islands Banca Cruises Cebu

May 10, 2012

Hi everyone! It's another beach themed post for now and this is one of the highlights of our 9 day trip back in January with my family. I've always wanted to experience island hopping with Islands Banca Cruises and what better way to experience than with family? 


Unfortunately, the day was overcast and a little bit rainy but that didn't dampen our excitement. To give you an idea what the boat looks like, it's white and orange with all this comfy bean bags! Such a perfect way to relax while cruising the seas of cebu and bohol. 


Me having first dibs on aforementioned bean bags. 


Our itinerary was the Gilutungan Marine Sanctuary - Pandanon Island route and first off on our list is snorkeling at the marine sanctuary. Here I am with my three sisters ( w/ my sis's bf) and here we are with our goofy snorkeling poses. I love that the boat has a convenient trapdoor where one can easily descend. 


Our steward guided us through the waters and brought some bread for the fish feeding activities. It was awesome seeing all the colorful fish swim beside us. This humongous jellyfish was such a pretty violet color and has no stingers so we got to touch it. 



As we were snorkeling around, we suddenly heard or rather, felt a booming vibration. It sounded far away and not a cause of concern but our steward related to us that the boom was caused by dynamite fishing. It was disturbing to hear that these practices still exist... 


After snorkeling, we set off again to have lunch at the Cao-uy floating restaurants since we ate our packed lunches for breakfast (everyone was so hungry!). Lunch was a delicious affair and most memorable for me was the scallops simply grilled with butter. Isn't it amazing how swimming around make us ravenously hungry afterwards?



ASOS swimsuit, Hat from SM



On the way to Pandanon islands, which is technically part of Bohol, I got to catch up with my sisters. This is my sister Beth and the crew actually thought we were twins!


And finally our last destination is Pandanon island with its immaculate white sands. We got to try kayaking around the island since it was rather shallow ( and a good thing!). The crew actually steered the boat a few meters from the island and from there you can walk the whole way to the island! 


Everyone agreed with me that this was actually one of the best things that we've done over the course of our trip. We went back to our hotel tired but happy and we will always remember Cebu with Islands Banca Cruises. And oh, did I tell you that there were masseuse on board? Definitely the best activity that my mom and dad experienced that day. 

Thank you for reading as always and hopefully I can get back to a more regular blogging schedule and doing outfit shots. Have a great day! 

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