Periwinkle Blue

Mar 4, 2012





( house of isla lace neckpiece, a.y.k skirt, aldo pumps, hat and belt from SM) 

Sometimes I look at my wardrobe and question the pieces that I have. I admit that I read a lot of japanese magazine like jj, ray and vivi in which they feature the mote-kei style, a very feminine way of dressing in which I try to emulate once in a while, which leads to people thinking that I must admire barbie a lot. Lol. I also got to wear another lace neck piece that I purchased along with the first one from House of Isla. Very trendy and so easy to add to any top for that girly feel!

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend lovelies! 


fashionismyh2o said...

What an absolutely gorgeous outfit! The colours are so soft and pretty! It's just perfect :)


Jenn said...

Love the outfit! Super feminine and breezy. Perfect for summer! :)

Gellie Abogado said...

Still looking pretty Cherie! I love your skirt and your hat. Garden chic ang dating! :)

Rinny said...

This is really cute! I love all the girly details in this outfit - the collar, the poofy skirt, the elegant flats - you look great! :)

Kathi Eric said...

that hat and the lace collar is just perfect. you look lovely!

♥ Chaos with a Capital K ♥

Hazel☺ said...

actually you do look like a barbie! hahaha :) love the whole outfit <3

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Chunny said...

Cute combination. I love it. =)

Dilan Dilir said...

really cute collar and skirt :D

IdeiaSubstancial said...

Lindo look!!! Ficou muito linda a composição!

Estou seguindo, venha me fazer uma visitinha se gostar me siga tbm. Vou adorar! Beijão!

aiz kim said...

oh this is so pretty! thanks for featuring our collar. Mind if I repost this?

Mrs. Kolca said...

Nice outfit dear. You kinda look like a Parisian girl.

Stevia said...

you look so lovely with those soft colors :)
the detachable collar is gorgeous!
love the lace

The Sweetest Escape

CutestPrincess said...

awww, so cute! i love the skirt!

It’s a GIRL Thing

Nico Saich said...

LOVE the hat! looks like you are about to play croque!


Sophia Sanchez said...

you look lovely in your outfit! :)

Kathleen Lisson said...

I love this hat with this outfit!

Kathleen Lisson said...

I really like how you wear this hat!

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