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Mar 21, 2012








(old navy hat, marc by marc jacobs bag)

Blogging has always been something that I've been doing for myself. I love the fact that every photo and every written word is conceived by me and there's a particular concept in which every blog post revolves in. It's a somewhat escape from my everyday life and a fun way of exercising my mental faculties. But then, perhaps, the greatest reward of blogging is in the interaction with other bloggers as well and fleetingly, it dawns on me that I though I might find myself alone sometimes, in this little space of internet I call my own, I am never truly alone. 

Summer is here! What's your ultimate summer destination lovelies? 

Periwinkle Blue

Mar 4, 2012





( house of isla lace neckpiece, a.y.k skirt, aldo pumps, hat and belt from SM) 

Sometimes I look at my wardrobe and question the pieces that I have. I admit that I read a lot of japanese magazine like jj, ray and vivi in which they feature the mote-kei style, a very feminine way of dressing in which I try to emulate once in a while, which leads to people thinking that I must admire barbie a lot. Lol. I also got to wear another lace neck piece that I purchased along with the first one from House of Isla. Very trendy and so easy to add to any top for that girly feel!

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend lovelies! 

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