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Nov 14, 2011









( forever 21 kimono, liberte dress, asos shades, parisian bag) 

In my travels, I always make time for myself to wander alone and immerse myself in the sights and people, even if it's just for a few hours. There's something very poignant about it, spending time with your own self and with your own thoughts. You get to examine yourself in a different environment and even surprised at how interaction with people rekindles our faith in humanity. In malaysia, I spent a rainy afternoon on a cafe, just sipping coffee and listening songs to my ipod, not the least self conscious about it. In singapore, I tried to take a picture of myself using a timer and a kind female traveler offered to take pictures of me. In return, I snapped pictures of her too and got to talk about recommended shopping spots. It was a pleasant encounter with another person of a different culture. In macau, I traveled alone for the first time and it was the scariest moment of my life. But I came home knowing that strangers can also be kind and they could be found in a lot of places. I know that I'm not the first to do this and that other people have a lot more experience travelling the world but experiencing it yourself, it's one amazing experience.


Ann said...

so brave of you to try (and do!) that,=) I've been meaning to travel alone, and maybe now I will since the boyf is abroad,=) But maybe I'll try first locally,=)

Cassie Blanche said...

Awesome travel pictures! You're such a beautiful and fashionable woman. You're very fab for a jet setter. ;) Your pictures made me want to visit Singapore real soon!

Thanks for dropping my blog and appreciating my post! I'm following you already! I hope you can follow me back too! Hope to see more posts from you! xx

Mara Feliz said...

Would love to go to Singapore someday!

Lovely outfit by the way! :)


Wonder Woman said...

I've never been to Singapore yet. This really makes me wanna go!!!

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Sweet said...

beautiful photos of Singapore.... I miss stopping by your blog love...I will do that more now... I need some blog inspiration....I need something to inspire me...

I miss you kisses xoxox


bloo. said...

you look so pretty ;-))


mathea said...

never tried traveling alone pa :), i guess that would be impossible if you have a family of your own already hahahha...lovely photos. wish to go to that places someday. I love your sunnies.:)

mishuella said...

right now i'm wearing a silver nail polish like you:)
by the way i love your glasses!

Dressing Up For Me said...

How brave of you to travel alone! I can´t seem to do that. Lovely photos as usual, Che. ;)

Mom Fashion World said...

I don't think I can travel alone. I am too scared to sleep at my hotel room by myself.

Abi said...

I agree with you! i'll be traveling alone too for days. I really booked my flight ahead my family so I can be wander alone. I think it's a good experience too. great sunnies!

following your blog!
please visit my blog and follow if you want! :)

Maiken said...

hey :) thanks for your comment!
and oh wow, I'm amazed by your awesome photos! and I would definitely love to travel more than I do right now. beautiful outfit too!
btw, would you like to follow each other? :)

Maikeni blogi - part of me

CutestPrincess said...

so beautiful place... i wanna go there, too... im so jealous! lol!

It’s a GIRL Thing

Mitha Komala said...

singapore is an awesome country with so many great stuffs in affordable price! anyway, love the floral cape you wear dear, pretty <3


Chyrel Gomez said...

Gorgeous photos, Cher! Like, always. And so good of the female traveler to take your photos, she does know your angle. I enjoy traveling alone, not that I miss it but it gives one a different satisfaction.

Traveling is also a discovery of one's self. :)

Happy Sunday!

Cylia said...

looks like such a good time:)

Stevia said...

glad you had time to enjoy a nice time by yourself :)

and a belated happy birthday for me
wishing you all the happiness in the world ;)


Rinny said...

I love the mix of floral prints! And your photos are beautiful. I've never been to Singapore, so it's nice to be able to see what the sights and cities look like. I wish I could go traveling around Asia - it's been so many years since I've been back :(

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