Color me bright

Aug 31, 2011






( dress by 2068, redhead skirt, river island clutch, jellybean wedges, asos sunglasses)

Color blocking is one of my favorite trends and I can't seem to get enough of it! All the colors just make me happy and I don't mind that I look like a walking box of crayola sometimes. It's been terribly rainy this part of the world this past few days and just spent my long weekend with a marathon of City Hunter. I officially have a crush on Lee Min Ho hahaha.

Have a great day everyone and thanks for reading!

Sunset on the Bay

Aug 23, 2011







Enjoyed a laidback sunday with my cousin watching the sunset at a place aptly called Sunset Bay. I think sunsets are nature's way of putting a spectacular show every day and reminds everyone how every single day must be cherished. I also got to wear my ASOS swimsuit that I ordered a month ago, it was a bit on the loose side as I overestimated my size but its girly feel delighted me nonetheless. I hope you enjoyed these non fashion photos as I missed posting about my travels as well.

How about you lovelies, how was your weekend? Thanks for reading as always!


Aug 14, 2011







(thrifted top, j&f shorts, jellybean wedges)

In the pursuit of material things, I often forget that there are much more important things in my life. I have my parents who think of nothing else but to make me feel they care for me even though they are a thousand miles away, my sisters who reminisce about me fondly and include me on their shopping lists whenever they are on shopping trips, my dogs who bark joyously whenever they see me, my job that allows me to have a comfortable life and a boy that tells me I'm beautiful every single day. The material things I covet would just be the icing on the cake.

p.s. if you see the same pose with the hand on my hair, the wind was blowing so hard that day i had to hold my headpiece to keep it from tumbling off the cliff :D

Have a great weekend everyone and thank you for reading.

Something borrowed

Aug 10, 2011





( thrifted dress, celine sandals, necklace, belt and hat from SM)

There is something about thrifting that draws me in. Maybe it's the thrill of finding a gem amongst the endless racks of clothes or the interaction that happens between the seller and me. But perhaps the biggest draw for me is that thrifting is ecologically conscious and it makes me happy to know that I'm not creating more waste by recycling old clothes. Of course, some people might think twice at the thought of thrifting itself but in these days where everyone must take their part in creating a greener planet, it's a warm thought that I can have my fun in being stylish and be an eco warrior too.

Have a great day and thanks for reading as always!

Blue Ribbon

Aug 4, 2011





(thrifted dress, hat from sm dept store, janylin shoes, chanel ring)

Most of the time, I take my pictures with the help of a tripod and remote. The thing about self portraits is that you have to run back to check if a picture looks okay and everytime, I find that I smile with a smirk. Yes, a smirk in which I thought I'm smiling a beautiful kind of smile. Well, just some thoughts on a midweek. Have a great day everyone!

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