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Jul 31, 2011



(asos sunglasses, miu miu dress, jellybean ring)

I never realized I had a burgeoning sunglasses obsession until I opened a drawer filled with different shaped frames. These cat eye sunglasses are my latest find and it was really love at first sight at Asos that I had to have it. Plus, with its price and free shipping, what's not to love?

p.s. amazed at what flash can do, my hair turned super blonde! but it's a bit darker in real life :D

Dainty Blue

Jul 20, 2011







(dress from korea, hat and belt from sm dept store, hosiery from nine west, janylin shoes)

Took some quick outfit shots after work and before running some errands. I admit this outfit is a bit sweet for work but I just can't resist dressing up during the midweek when things slow down a bit. My wardrobe has lately been infused with pastels and this dress is one of my favorites. Makes me wish there was an afternoon tea I can go to.

Wouldn't it be nice

Jul 16, 2011





(vintage dress, sofab flats, folded and hung belt, chanel ring)

"wouldn't be nice if we were older ,then we wouldn't have to wait so long

and wouldn't it be nice to live together ,in the kind of world where we belong

you know it's gonna make it so much better , if we can say goodnight and stay together"

This song is on replay in my mind now probably because le boyf sang it to me all the time. It's only now that I realized how apt the song is for us and I suddenly missed him much more. They say that you have to miss someone to truly realize how much you love them and maybe waiting isn't such a bad thing after all.

Also, I wore one of my favorite vintage dresses to work and the length paired with ballet flats is such a refreshing change from my usual outfits.

Have a great weekend everyone and thanks for reading as always :)


Jul 13, 2011




(liberte dress, thrifted belt)

Spent the rainy weekend sipping coffee and browsing through my old copies of elle decor and domino magazines. Next to fashion, i love interiors as well and there's always a satisfying feeling decorating a space that truly reflects your own personality.

I see beautiful days with you....

Jul 3, 2011








(top from wearelse, ju's skirt, parisian heels, chanel ring, hat from sm dept store)

I've been thinking a lot lately. Happy thoughts, sad thoughts and everything in between. Someone had just posed a question on me, in which, depending on my answer, would change my life in a big way. I'm not normally an impulsive person but by the way how things in my life are lately, impulsivity and spontaneity turned out to be a good thing. They say life is an adventure and it just might involve changing zipcodes, learning a new language and generally stepping out of my comfort zone but then, the thought of starting a new life with somebody by my side would be a great adventure in itself.

I know it's a bit personal but still, thanks for reading and have a great day everyone!

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