Isn't it Lovely?

Jun 5, 2011

I've been feeling sentimental these past few days ever since my sister told me she's getting married. You see, I'm the oldest in four sisters and she's the second so she's been treading the issue lightly because I might take a slight on her. But then, this is not the olden days anymore and I assured her that I am very much happy for her, I wouldn't mind her being the first to get married. So let me share to you some pictures of the loveliest wedding I've ever seen in photos.

(All pictures lifted from the website once wed and the blog the drifter and the gypsy.


Dressing Up For Me said...

Che, it´s all right.Take your time. Marriage is a lifelong decision which you can never take back once you´re there.

On a lighter note, loving that wreath on the brides hair. I wore a tiara on my wedding but my flower girls wore wreaths on their hair. ;)

Stevia said...

ah.. lovely pictures
the wrath is just the prettiest thing..

I'm sure your time will come
everyone says, when you know it, you just know it :)

congratz for your little sister!


Zarna said...

congrats to your sister!

this wedding looks perfect.

Jing said...

che, I can totally relate.I'm the oldest among 4 sisters.3 yrs ago, my 2nd sistr got married.I felt sad not because naunahan nya ako. It's just that I thought it was not the right time pa for her.anyways,she is so happy now and im happy for wishes to your sis, che!
(grabe same pa tayo eldest at may 3 yungr sisters.haha)

Sukhwa Yoceline said...

the pictures are so lovely <3

Billie Houghton said...

This wedding looks perfect, so minimal. Exactly how a wedding should be. Lovely post:)


CrazyCurly said...


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