I fancy rainy days because....

Jun 29, 2011




(dress and stockings from random store in macau, bossini jacket, jessica boots)

They say you'll always want what you cannot have and in my case, I'll be forever in love with stockings and hosiery. At its most luxe, I can't help but fall for sheer and patterned beauties at Wolford and Missoni. I do wish there were more days when it's cold enough to wear them and that would only happen if it rains buckets in this part of the tropics.

Thanks for reading everyone and have a great day ahead!

Maybe it's comfy

Jun 26, 2011




(stella mccartney dress, parisian shoes, chanel bag)

This is the closest thing I own that resembles a sweatshirt and yes, these are ultra comfortable. Perfect for the rainy season which is like going on full blast for the past two weeks. Hoping for a bit of sunshine next week as I'm a dumbfounded photographer during rainy days. Anyway, how do you like my new hair guys? :)

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Secret Garden

Jun 15, 2011






(thrifted dress, sandals from singapore, hat gifted, local weave bag)

I feel like I haven't blogged for a long time since my internet connection at home died on me. Sorry dear readers for not visiting your blogs but I promise I'm gonna visit soon! Shot some pictures today in my own secret place and everytime I go here, I feel like it's my Secret Garden. The weather couldn't be more perfect as the sun is shining and a light wind was blowing.

Have a great day everyone and thanks for reading!

Feels like summer

Jun 7, 2011





(maldita blouse, bread n butter skirt, parisian shoes and bag, ring from bangkok)

It still feels helluva like summer even though it's officially the rainy season. Well, I'm not complaining since I love the sun more than the rain and probably because my wardrobe contains more sartorial choices for summer.

Have a great week everyone and thanks for reading!

Isn't it Lovely?

Jun 5, 2011

I've been feeling sentimental these past few days ever since my sister told me she's getting married. You see, I'm the oldest in four sisters and she's the second so she's been treading the issue lightly because I might take a slight on her. But then, this is not the olden days anymore and I assured her that I am very much happy for her, I wouldn't mind her being the first to get married. So let me share to you some pictures of the loveliest wedding I've ever seen in photos.

(All pictures lifted from the website once wed and the blog the drifter and the gypsy.

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