Travel Tales: Batam, Indonesia

May 30, 2011









In my life, I could say that I have friends that has stuck with me through thick and thin. I've known them since high school, went to the same university and it amazes me how much we've been through together. We often describe ourselves as a pair of slippers, in which our friendship can not be complete if the other is lost. During the last two days of my vacation, my friends and I decided to go to Batam, Indonesia, an island 35 minutes from Singapore. We rented a villa there and had the most relaxing time, the perfect antidote to the fast paced sightseeing around Singapore. It was the perfect way to end a vacation, albeit a bit sentimental, but in my heart I know that wherever we are in the world, our friendship never fades.

Have a great week everyone and thank you for reading!


May 18, 2011







( cococabana swimsuit, zara skirt, unionbay sandals)

It's funny how the weather can play tricks on you. My friend and I set out on a sunny afternoon to have a picnic on the beach but by the time we arrived there, the weather had turn into this dreary overcast day. We decided to just stay anyway and snap some pictures but I had this absolute hate of shooting when the sun is not out. Well, the pictures turned out to have this serene, monochrome quality that delighted me and the occasional spray of seawater on my filter added a dreamy effect. An unexpected surprise I must say!

I'm going out of the country for a vacation and I apologize if I can't visit all your blogs lovelies for the meantime. It might look like I'm on vacation all the time with my blog posts but the truth is, most of it are just daytrips or a quick overnighter. I usually work every single day of the week (since it's a business) and really grateful for this trip. Wish me a good one :)

Tresses et Blanc

May 11, 2011





( Love, Bayo top, Rejouir dress, Folded and Hung belt, Parisian heels)

Something light, feminine and soft for today. My mom would have approved as she loved the color white on me and rarely buys me clothes in other colors. Well, what can I say, mom knows best of course!

Me and my books

May 1, 2011




( forever 21 mesh shirt, to be a princess skirt, gifted shoes from mom)

Spending a quiet weekend with my books as opposed to going out in the scorching summer heat. As you can see, I read almost everything and an english lit major might laugh at some of the titles in my library but if a book amuses me then I read it all the same.

Have a great weekend everyone! I feel like I have royal wedding hangover :) .

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