Chasing Sunsets

Mar 27, 2011











(unbranded top and shorts, unionbay sandals)

I have spent a lot of holidays in this beach with my family as a kid so this place holds a lot of memories for me. But I haven't been back here for so long so I was surprised to find the beach pristine and clean. I arrived just in time for what most people call "the golden hour" and really had just fun shooting, watching kids fly kites and watching the sunset change the colors of the sky from orange, to pink and finally a pearly blue. Truly, the best things in life are free.

Trend Spotting: the 70's flared jeans

Mar 19, 2011





( bustier and hat, from sm dept store, Gap jeans, schu heels)

Don't you just love the seventies trend that's cropping up everywhere? I had held on to this pair of jeans for years now, thinking that trends just come and go. And what do you know, the flared jeans is back. I admit it's not that easy to wear since I had to wear my highest heels to balance out its flare but I love how it makes the legs seems miles longer. For the petite me, that's just a good thing in my book.

Have a great weekend everyone! What's are your plans?

Thursday Work Outfit

Mar 17, 2011

Between waking up early, work and other commitments, I always find it difficult to blog during the midweek. Which makes me wonder how other people do it, especially the ones who almost post everyday (kudos!). Sometimes I shoot after work hours but I find myself wan and exhausted. So one morning, I brought my camera with me to work and shot some outfit shots. I wear dresses like this most of the time at work, fast enough to pull, vibrant enough to be young and modest enough for the workplace.




(Diane von Furstenberg dress, Vincci shoes, unbranded bag)

Thanks for reading!!

White Lace

Mar 11, 2011





( love, bayo top, denim shorts from SM, vintage chanel bag, carolina herrera lunettes)

I fell in love with this white lace top the moment I saw it. But it took me three visits to the store to finally convince myself to buy it and they told me that it was absolutely the last piece. Stuff like that makes me think that it was meant for me. Or maybe just a marketing strategy. Planned to go to the beach tomorrow to catch summer's first rays but with the tsunami warnings, I think I'd rather stay at home. May everyone be safe and take care.

Edit, Set, Go

Mar 9, 2011





(Forever 21 dress, YSL tributes, unbranded bangle)

I'm in the process of editing my closet and it astounds me how much clothes I have never worn. This dress is one of those I bought when forever 21 first opened and I kept thinking this would be perfect for a girl's night out. But with my best friend temporarily living in Singapore, the chances of going out are nil. So I decided to wear this to work, on the day that I needed just a little oomph to complete my day.

Have a great week everyone! Thanks for reading as always.

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