Sunday Reflections

Feb 27, 2011






( ad libitum dress, f&h belt, no brand bag and ballet flats)

There was a time when I used to dread sundays. I have lived alone for the past three years and that meant going to mass by myself. I would sit and just find myself crying in the pew, missing my sisters and parents. But I guess time fortifies everyone and I have learned to cherish sundays for reflection and serenity.

Wishing everyone a blessed Sunday.
xoxo, cherie

Easy Whimsy

Feb 26, 2011


DSC 1462


(vintage blouse, unbranded shorts, YSL nude tributes)

I love finding whimsical vintage pieces whenever I go shopping. The fabric and the construction are usually excellent which you can't see with some clothes today. But I wish I have the talent to sew because I find that some vintage have a "boxy" or "loose" cut that is unflattering to my frame. Nevertheless, I can't stop collecting them and maybe I just have to find the perfect tailor or seamstress to go to.

Have a great weekend everyone and thanks for reading :)

p.s thank you for the well wishes on my romantic life on the valentines post. yes we've patched things up and gone back to being lovey dovey :)

Spring Beauty

Feb 22, 2011

Everything is just so pretty isn't it? Though technically we don't have spring here, the freshness of the makeup and the profusion of blooms just takes my heart away.





(All pictures from

Spring Comes
Min Hyo Rin for Vogue Girl Korea
January 2011

Satin and Lace with a hint of bondage

Feb 19, 2011

Not to mislead you or anything, I was talking about the shoe straps..




(thrifted dress, forever 21 shoes, vintage chanel bag, sm dept sunglasses)

Okay, I'll go ahead and say it. Valentine's was a sad affair for me. More like botched maybe. And I say that because until now, me and le boyf have an ongoing Cold War about it. How do you celebrate Valentine's day long distance by the way? Yes, I did google it and no, please don't give me that look. Between thoughts of sending each other gifts through mail (we scrapped it) and just trying to stay awake that Monday (we live in different time zones), the stress just became too much. Maybe it's time to let go of it, after all, Valentine's is just a day and there is still tomorrow to make up for it. Who says you just celebrate love during heart's day?

Sorry for ranting dear readers, I'll try not to talk of my love life next time hehehe. Have a great weekend! And thanks for reading as always,

xo, Cherie

Island Girl

Feb 16, 2011






(Zara dress, Unionbay sandals)

Some people find it weird when I take roadtrips alone. For me, that's the time I can clear my head and new ideas come to me. It has been a stressful two weeks at work and when a day off finally presented itself, I grabbed my camera, my ebook reader, some magazines and hied off the nearest beach then monopolized a hammock to myself. Total stress buster and I'm happy again.

Wishing you a great day everyone, xoxo

February Giveaway Winner

Feb 15, 2011

Hello lovelies. To everyone who joined my giveaway, I give a very, very Big Thank you. It's time to announce the winner and I picked entry number 7 by Reg Rodriguez of the blog Hey Rocket Girl. Congratulations, you won the Marc by Marc Jacobs Jelly Bracelet! And for those who didn't get to win, do check back often for another round of exciting giveaways.

Amazing Bangkok

Feb 9, 2011










For me, Bangkok is a feast for the senses. So much things to see, from beautiful palaces and temples to the modern shopping malls dotting the city. So much delicious food to savor, from roadside stalls to the elegant food court of Paragon and the open air restaurants high above the city. And the friendliness of the people makes me want to go back again and again. Indeed, it has the perfect mix of the old and the new. I can understand why so many are enamored by this city and I am definitely one of them. So until next time, I can only dream of the food and other things that await me in this beautiful city.

Have a great midweek everyone! Thanks for reading as always
xo, Cherie

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February Giveaway: Win a Marc by Marc Jacobs jelly bracelet

Feb 5, 2011

As a way of saying thank you to my readers and to those I regulary interact in the blogging world, I'm giving away this fun and colorful Marc by Marc Jacobs Jelly bracelet to one lucky reader! All you have to do is:

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(pictures from shopbop)

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