Trend Spotting: Maxi Flourescent Skirts

Jan 31, 2011





(Bench T-shirt,thrifted skirt, YSL tributes, mom's bangle)

I have coveted Jil Sander's maxi flourescent skirt ever since I saw it from its S/S 2011 collection for its minimalistic appeal. On the day that I planned to buy a fabric to DIY it, I guess luck has stirred me to visit a thrift shop and lo and behold, I saw a similar skirt on a rack for less than a dollar! And I guess I would have never finished sewing it myself, if I ever did one, because of my poor sewing skills hahaha. I see myself wearing this on an intimate party with friends and I'm loving the unexpected hint of leg because of its side slit.

How about you lovelies, what do you think of this trend? I would love to hear from you.

p.s my giveaway starts on my next post! stay tuned..

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Seven Things

Jan 26, 2011




Hello everyone!

I've been given the Stylish Blogger Award by Aileen plus a Versatile Blogger Award from Honey and Alexa. I'd like to thank these ladies and part of the award would be to reveal seven random things about myself.

1. My parents owned a clothing business when I was young so I used to work in our store and sell clothes. I would see all this fashion labels and every kind of clothes imaginable. That's where my love affair with fashion began.

2. I have three dogs and currently five fluffy white puppies. One day, I'll have a hard time parting with them :(

3. Obsessed with Jil Sander's flourescent twill skirt as seen on famous bloggers. Perhaps I'll DIY one of these days.

4. I love breakfasts. I think I've mentioned it before hihihi.

5. I would love to own a yacht but that would only come true if I won the lotto. Which would be one in a million, or billion.

6. I have a soft spot for animal rights and nature conservation. You can also help by just one click of a mouse on Care2. .

7. I'm trying to learn Turkish. Well, try being the operative word since I know only the common words.

Weekend starts tomorrow! Wishing you a great one :)

Thanks for reading, C.

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Jan 22, 2011




(True Love dress, YSL tribute heels, hat from SM dept store)

It's funny how things can turn a total 360 degree. About two years ago, my best friend and I thought of nothing but dressing up and clubbing on the weekends. But now, we just make-our-own sushi and pizza at home for dinner. And what's more perplexing is that on a recent girl bonding at my house, we perused the internet for destination weddings and vera wang's (we're both not engaged hehe). So I ask myself, is this growing up? Somebody said to me that I have to experience everything I have to for my age in order to grow up, so I guess looking for wedding ideas seem a part of my age bracket. :)

Now about this outfit, I know I'm kinda late on the denim-on-denim trend. But I love how comfy and casual they are. Just the perfect thing to grab on a weekend like this.

Also, I've just recently, recently set up my twitter account. I'm quite new but if u have a twitter account, please put in the comments so we can follow each other. :) You can follow me here at twitter.

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Jan 9, 2011







(burberry scarf, bayo swimsuit, cover-up and shorts, all thrifted)

For the first day of the new year, I wanted to spend it on a place I love the most: the beach. But I guess this is a no brainer since I celebrated with my cousins who happen to live in a house, near the beach, which is fantastic! I hope you don't mind me sharing some non-fashion photos but i just wanted to reminisce how fun that day was.

Have a great week ahead

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