Into the sunlight

Nov 27, 2011





( Rebecca Taylor dress, Dolly girl by Anna Sui bag, Jellybean shoes, hat from SM)

I have to admit I haven't been feeling well lately, physically and emotionally. There are times when fate decides to turn your life upside down for no reason at all and you're left at grasping straws in the dark so to speak. They say you have to wallow in grief, if only for a while to be able to move on with life and I have allowed myself to do that in the past few weeks. But then, life has so much more to offer and I know that when I get through this, I'd be first to explore the things that are in store for me.

I haven't picked up my camera in three weeks and one beautiful afternoon, my friend tried to shoot me with my 50 mm lens. It's a prime lens and has a manual focus ring but it shoots splendidly. We ended up with a lot of blurry pictures and those above are the ermm "the best of the bunch" haha. The bag I'm using came from an Anna Sui "e-mook" (the bag is like a freebie inside of a magazine) I got at Kinokuniya and it's been my favorite lately.

Have a great weekend everyone and a belated Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates it! xoxo

Never say never

Nov 22, 2011






( gitti skirt,  aldo shoes, parisian belt)

My friends often joke that anything pastel, lacey and chiffon-y is so me. And it is. I am a girly girl and I can never get enough of cute, pretty details in one outfit. It's funny because as a child I was a bit tomboyish and back then I used to pout whenever my mom puts a dress on me. Oh how times change. There just goes the saying "never say never" isn't it?

Have a great everyone and thanks for reading!

Take me somewhere I've never been

Nov 14, 2011









( forever 21 kimono, liberte dress, asos shades, parisian bag) 

In my travels, I always make time for myself to wander alone and immerse myself in the sights and people, even if it's just for a few hours. There's something very poignant about it, spending time with your own self and with your own thoughts. You get to examine yourself in a different environment and even surprised at how interaction with people rekindles our faith in humanity. In malaysia, I spent a rainy afternoon on a cafe, just sipping coffee and listening songs to my ipod, not the least self conscious about it. In singapore, I tried to take a picture of myself using a timer and a kind female traveler offered to take pictures of me. In return, I snapped pictures of her too and got to talk about recommended shopping spots. It was a pleasant encounter with another person of a different culture. In macau, I traveled alone for the first time and it was the scariest moment of my life. But I came home knowing that strangers can also be kind and they could be found in a lot of places. I know that I'm not the first to do this and that other people have a lot more experience travelling the world but experiencing it yourself, it's one amazing experience.

Shabby Apple Swim

Nov 9, 2011

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Most of my weekends, you will find me just relaxing by the sea and I'll be the first to tell you that I'm a certified beach girl. Swimsuits are a staple in my closet and in my quest to find new additions, I've stumbled upon Shabby Apple's swimwear, which are just gorgeous! I love maillots as they have this classic, ultra feminine look that I love and Shabby Apple have all this beautiful selection of swimwear. My top picks are (clockwise)  Pomodoro, in a lovely shade of tangerine and delicate details on the bodice; Farfalle, in a beautiful shade of turquoise with a delicate bow; and Lampone, in a classic shade of pink and ruffled details that I really adore. They also have beautiful selection of dresses and if you love feminine, classic styles, the site is worth checking out. Go to Shabby Apple's store by clicking here.

Also, Shabby Apple is offering my readers 10% off by using this exclusive code paradeofdresses10off and lasts until December 9, 2011.

Blow a candle

Nov 3, 2011

I'm well aware that I don't post personal photos that much on my blog and sometimes I feel like my blog is devoid of personality, so to speak. I celebrated my birthday last week with friends in Singapore and it was unexpectedly full of surprises though my trip itself was spontaneous (bought my plane ticket 3 days before my flight). Of course celebrating a birthday with my family was my dearest wish but going to Texas isn't an option hehe. Sharing some candid photos of my birthday trip with you guys!


My friends took me to a Turkish restaurant on the eve of my birthday. I've always wanted to try Turkish dishes but there aren't many Turkish restaurants in the Philippines. It's delicious! 


I got this dress at a thrift store about a year ago and never really had the chance to wear it as it was blingy. This was at the hotel after a night of dancing. 


My best friend and I unsuccesfully tried planking because the timer caught us. 


Generally just fooled around with the camera before sleeping. 




This steak lunch was a birthday treat from my best friend. We used to bond over finding new restaurants to eat in Manila before she moved to Singapore. 


Friends surprised me with this beautiful birthday cake! I actually got three birthday cakes that day and I'm one happy birthday girl!  


Thanks for reading as always and have a great weekend everyone!

p.s. Thank you to Pink Magaline aka Mrs Kolca for giving me a sweet blog award. Hugs!

breakfast on the beach

Oct 20, 2011











(dress by nine, mendrez sandals, asos sunglasses)

Behold one of the longest posts I have on my blog. But I hope you indulge me as I am celebrating my birthday in a few days. My friend and I both took off from our busy schedules to plan a midweek jaunt to the beach to practice our photography skills and finally felt relaxed as the salt tinged breeze blew by. It was the perfect way to unwind a weary heart and soul , realized that life, however hard, must go on and toasted with mimosas to the blessings that life will continue to bring.

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend!

Hey there Stripey!

Oct 11, 2011






(kenki blouse, cococabana skirt, parisian bag and sandals)

I'd like to think that I undergo fashion phases. I remember being obsessed with the little black dress and wore them almost everyday until someone asked me if I was in mourning. There was also a time when I was totally head over heels for Pucci prints. Well, that was a good phase because those dresses are timeless and I can definitely see my future daughters borrowing them from my closet. If my current fashion phase has a title, I'll definitely name it as the anything stripey phase as I noticed that I've been hoarding stripes from the French Breton style shirts to colorful tiered stripes that were obviously influenced by the Marc by Marc Jacobs s/s 2011 collection. I love that they exude a casual but polished look and until I outgrew this "stripey" phase, I'm having fun pairing them with just anything in my closet.

Thanks for reading and have a great day everyone!

Blush & Neutrals

Oct 5, 2011





(liberte dress, cocostar blazer, ysl nude tributes, unbranded satchel)

I've been slacking with blogging lately and was shocked to learn that i haven't blogged in a very long time. The past week we've been hit by two signal 3 typhoons and though the cold weather was nice, I'd prefer the tropical hot sunny weather anytime over howling winds. Add to that some work stress, learning to cook korean dishes and my seven year old dog Sandy being repeatedly brought to the vet for prepping for an operation, there has been little opportunity to take pictures and blog. Anyway, I was able to snap some very quick pictures of my outfit and I must say that I've been loving blazers lately especially candy colored ones. They instantly polish any outfit and if it wasn't for the blazing heat in where I live, I'd be wearing them almost every day. I bought this blazer at and really enjoyed browsing through asian fashion brands, the styles are just super cute! And oh, shipping is also ultra fast just in case you're interested.

Have a great day everyone!

You take a piece of me with you

Sep 24, 2011





(Rodarte for Target, handmade cameo necklace)

I always anticipate Target's designer collaborations and it's such a fun way to become stylish without breaking the bank. I have quite a few from the past seasons like Thakoon and Alexander McQueen but perhaps there is nothing that I have lusted more than this Rodarte for Target dress. I was lucky enough to snag it when it was reissued and I know that this dress was worn a million times by thousands of bloggers but the feeling was bliss when I've worn it for the first time. Next up, Missoni for Target but sadly, everything seems to be snapped up. Did you hear about the woman who put up a pair of 31 dollar boots on ebay from the collection for 31,000 dollars? Totally bonkers.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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