warm adieu to 2010

Dec 30, 2010




(moda blouse, A.Y.K skirt, Badgley Mischka heels, Luxe bag fr Chatuchak market)

2010 has been an amazing year for me.
Here's to happiness, good times and good cheer.
Happy New Year everyone!

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Dec 22, 2010

Despite being said that Christmas has become way "too commercialized", i think what matters is the spirit of giving and well-being when we give our loved ones the perfect gift. Just to see a smile light up a receiver's face makes the holiday stress worthwhile. I'm enjoying a few quiet days before Christmas and I've been reflecting the quiet holidays I'll be having. Christmas used to mean my extended families gathering and I used to abhorr comments I get from relatives, like "when did u become fat?" (believe it or not, it's a standard greeting in my country). But now I kinda miss my curious aunties and rowdy cousins.

Just one last outfit post before the holidays descend on us and I'd like to greet every visitor on my blog a Merry, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!




( thrifted dress, vivienne westwood for melissa shoes)


In case you're wondering, those are gingerbread cookie hearts :) Anybody has a good recipe for eggnog btw? Have a great day everyone!

Oh the holidays are here

Dec 15, 2010

Hello everyone, are u feeling the holiday rush yet? I sure do. I bought 50 rolls of gift wrapping paper and i'm still needing more. But once in a while, I reminisce how christmas used to feel so magical when i was a kid. So when I saw a literal "Santa's house" on our local mall, i excitedly went inside and snapped away.


A miniature christmas village.

A vintage camera. Now imagine if the cameras we use now still look like this :)


Hello Santa claus!

DSC_0710 - Copy



And some pretty japanese lanterns light up the roof. At this point, I was happy as a camper clicking shots when a guard went up to me and said "Ma'am what are you taking pictures of?". Party pooper. What is it about slr cameras that make guards nervous? Needless to say, I got pretty mad and retorted a crisp reply.

Anyway, this dress-lover does wear jeans too and I've always loved the classic white shirt and denim combo. I just have to tweak my shoe and bag choices and then I'd be good to go.




( Forlieri blouse, Cheap Monday denim, vintage bag and Julia shoes)

And have you heard that pink, specifically, honeysuckle, is the 2011's color. Isnt that great? Have a great day everyone :)

Dark Fairytales

Dec 5, 2010

snow white2

snow white3

Over the weekend, I was reading Angela Carter's collection of stories and I love how her tales depict a particulary dark fairytale. The characters are quite familiar but not so because they all have a twisted tale to tell. There's Snow White who was borne out of her father's fantasy and not her mother's, a Cinderella who was wed to a Marquise de Sade and so on But what I liked most is that her writings are so rich, she interweaves stories with luxurious elements like a Poiret white gown, a blood red ruby necklace and hundreds of keys that holds treasures.

snow white1

snow white5

snow white4

( comme ca shirt, blouse and tutu skirt from HK and Manolo Blahnik slingbacks)

On a lighter note, have you done your christmas shopping yet? I haven't and I'm absolutely in scrambles to make a list. My only complaint is that the variety of merchandise have become so generic or is it just me?

Happy Weekend everyone!


Dec 2, 2010

Last Saturday, my dad and I held a Thanksgiving/ early christmas party for some of our friends. Our theme was Tex-Mex and it was fun cooking new dishes to serve to a party.


Bokeh from the lights on the christmas tree


A floral arrangement that was used in the party. Love all those yellow blooms.


It was my first time to cook Tacos and I had no recipe at all butI tried duplicating the ones from Pancake house. The guests liked these tee hee :)


Made a batch of wicked margaritas, to carry on the Tex-Mex theme.


And meet the newest member of my shoe closet, it was my birthday gift to myself. I was lucky enough to snag these Vivienne Westwood for Melissa sandals. They had only one piece left in my size at Greenbelt and said that it was reserved for a VIP. But they released it to me since they probably saw the devastated look in my face. The balls on top of the shoe looked like they belong in the christmas tree! Too cute!



Wearing a one shouldered jumpsuit for the party. I've been dressing so much casually these days and jumpsuits are an easy way to get dressed in the morning.

Have a great day everyone! 23 days till christmas!

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