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Oct 19, 2010





(Zara Woman trench coat, unbranded dress, stockings from SM and Celine boots)

Living in a tropical country means that most of my wardrobe are resort-like pieces, able to cool me off in the heat. But in the rare times chilly rain comes or in this case, a typhoon, I can wear my boots and trench coat for practicality.

Have a great day everyone and stay safe. Thanks for visiting :)


Stevia said...

Your 3rd pic is too cute!
I love candids!

and what a cool stockings you have, dear
cool trench as well
yeah tropical country!!
I never really like layering
I like a cardigan or a stocking every chilly night out
But not more than that!

I Am Alexa said...

I love the black and white photos! And those tights are amazing! Really? They're from SM? Love them! :)

Anonymous said...

I super love your boots! Perfect for today's weather! :-)

PetiteLittleGirl said...

Love that trench coat. You look adorable in those photos. I always like black/white photos.

à la Modest said...

LOVE those tights! I am coveting right now :)

Courtney Erin said...

I love those tights! And don't even get me started on those wedges booties.

xoxo ~ Courtney

Maria Evans said...

Hey cherie!! Nice leggins!!!

Hope to see u in my blog!


MyStyle said...

Hi there-such a lovely look, the trench and tights are just fab!!

La Porta Màgica said...

amazing photos I like a lot the jaket!!

Sweet said...

What can I say Cherie!!!! You look awesome in your coat...and i love the wedges...now I am trying to collect more wedges compared to heels hahahaha!!!!


michelle_ said...

your tights are sooooo pretty !
love it very much :)


Turquoise and Lily said...

i love the way you edited your photos cherie. i love the first photo the most!

Leia said...

I am always stunned when I come to your blog! You look amazing.


Dressing Up For Me said...

Those tights are WOW! SM´s really keeping up with fashion nowadays. :)

Lia Waroka Putri said...

every piece completes each other! you look so chic and pretty, love love d stockings detail =) barbiejunk

Lloyda said...

i love this so much!!! those tights are awesome!

kookie kulasa said...

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

jess said...

Those tights are so awesome.

being miss east said...

i have a l ove/hate relationship with the philippine weather. i wish i could actually look forward to winter or autumn or fall so i could dress appropriately. i hate being stared at for wearing boots. in july. hahahaha lovely blog you have here, guapa.


mica said...

it's the same in singapore! really humid; i always feel so sticky even after a bath. that's y i love melb with its 4 seasons! i get to try on different styles, all those beautiful jackets! simply looking @ them online makes me happy too. lovely zara trench coat u've got; im a big zara fan too =)

p.s. thanks for ur sweet words on my singing! i was really nervous abt what my readers would think abt it; luckily u liked it =) and dun worry, my mandarin isnt all that good too!

love, mica

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

i know what you mean cherie..i mean, i don't wan typhoons to come more often but i just love it when it rains and the weather is colder...gives me an excuse to pull out my boots..hehe.

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Anonymous said...

Cherie! looking great, love!
your wedge booties are just adorbs!

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