Birthday Wishes

Oct 22, 2010



Because today is the day I can wish for anything:

.. I wish I can be at three places at once, to celebrate with my family in Texas, with boyf in Istanbul and wherever my best friend is

.. to have more blessings in every aspect of my life

.. to be able to travel and see more of the world

.. to do more good and bring a smile for others

.. a simple birthday dinner for me and my loved ones

Thank you for visiting and lovely comments as always,
Hugs and kisses, cherie

Out of the closet

Oct 19, 2010





(Zara Woman trench coat, unbranded dress, stockings from SM and Celine boots)

Living in a tropical country means that most of my wardrobe are resort-like pieces, able to cool me off in the heat. But in the rare times chilly rain comes or in this case, a typhoon, I can wear my boots and trench coat for practicality.

Have a great day everyone and stay safe. Thanks for visiting :)


Oct 14, 2010

Hello everyone! So things have been slow on the blog front lately due to me getting a bout of stomach flu ( i think i'll stay away from indulging in clams, for a while). Today has been the first day in which i've felt dressing up and I'd like to show a Marni dress I've recently acquired. This dress originally had a drop waist and tulip shaped skirt but I hiked the waist up a bit with a belt to give it some shape on my petite frame.


I just love the geometric patterns and prints of the dress, it had me mesmerized when I first spotted it. The sabrina neckline is a nice touch too, I adore how modest and classy it is.


(Please excuse the moon face and silly smile hihi)

Wearing a Marni dress, Aldo pumps, Necklace from Sm and Mom's bangle.
Thank you for visiting! Wishing everyone a delightful weekend. ;)


Oct 7, 2010




Hi everyone! How's your Thursday? I was excited to experiment with my dad's pasalubong (gift), a nikkor 50 mm lens so I snapped my work outfit today. I wanted to keep my outfit from being too girly so I searched for the perfect accessory to go with it. I espied this floral fedora hat I got from SM a month ago and it just blended with my outfit. And oh, I'm having a nude shoe phase too!

Wearing a Celine blouse, thrifted skirt, Parisian shoes, Fedora hat from SM.

A night out in the City

Oct 6, 2010


On a recent girl's night out with my best friend, I want to look quite decent for dinner before heading out to party so this leopard scarf came to the rescue. I love how leopard prints are popping out this season and how they make everthing chicer. As long as its faux, of course.

I'm wearing an Armani Exchange dress, leopard print scarf from SM, vintage bag and Schu peeptoes (my most comfy heels ever!).

Also, I'd like to thank Ate Che of the blog Dressing up for Me for giving the Happy 101 award. And with it, I have to answer 10 things that make me happy:

1. My loved ones. My family, le boyf, my best friend, my friends, my dogs. They all make my life worth living.

2. My Ipod Nano. I take it everywhere and I love putting it on when I have to concentrate when crunching numbers.

3. Travel. The memories and experience of travelling are just so precious.

4. Shoes. Giovanna Battaglia was quoted saying "the lower I feel, the higher the heel". I just love how shoes instantly boost my mood.

5. Daniel Craig as James Bond. Those piercing blue eyes and blonde hair. I wanna be his Bond Girl, yeah.

6. Photography. Capturing the sweetest images are an obsession.

7. Beach. The sound of crashing beach waves, the blue colors of the water, the wind in my hair, and the soft feel of sand rejuvenate me like no other.

8. Cooking. I express my love through cooking and is such a great bonding activity.

9. Bed Linen and Pillows. Quite out of place but I love having the softest pillows and heavenly linen when sleeping.

10. Of course, DRESSES. The reason why I started this blog on the first place. Designer, high street or thrifted, they all have a place in my closet.

I just love how my answers reflected a bit of my personal life. Hope u enjoyed reading them. Have a great day everyone!

Travel Tales: Coloane Village

Oct 2, 2010



At the Dom Pedro V theatre and Church of St. Augustine



The Church of St. Francis Xavier



Colorful chinese lanterns.


(Dress: With a happy ending, Vivi flats, Hat from SM, Nina Ricci bag)

Coloane is considered to be Macau's countryside, with its beaches and traditional villages. I wanted to get away from the big city lights of the main island so I woke up early and hailed a taxi to get to Coloane Village. With its numerous beach coves, it was was said to be a haven for pirates until 1910. Very interesting fact isn't it? Marvelled at the beautiful colors of the Church of St. Francis Xavier and just relaxed by the beach side avenues that dot the island. A perfect way to end my vacation.

Happy Weekend everyone! I hope u have a good one :)

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