All around me, everything is green

Sep 2, 2010

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(Diane von Furstenberg dress, Schu peeptoes)

Hello everyone, are you feeling the chill yet? I haven't seen the sun the whole week and the rainy season is on full mode on this part of the world. Time to bust out that jacket that's been hanging on my closet, pair my skirts with stockings and wear boots to protect my feet from the rain. But the best part of the rainy season is that nature seems to grow more lush and in the rare times the sun peeks out, everything is in technicolor hues.

Have a greet weekend lovelies!


Ann said...

i heart your shoes!!!=)

Michelle Chic said...

such a sweet dress!

Cucu said...

Lovely dress & thanks for your comment!
Are you interested in following each other? :)

Miss DeltaG said...

lovely!so cute!
you can see my last post on
i follow you!

PetiteLittleGirl said...

Love those photos. They are so pretty and yes, it's so green!

Leonie said...

I LOVE that dress!

Dressing Up For Me said...

What a very pretty dress! It has that vintage-y look, Che. ;) God bless the rain! In here it´s been sunny and scorchingly hot for more than 2 weeks now. Naluto na ako sa araw. hahaha! :)

Have a fun weekend!

Stevia is Your Cherry Bomb said...

That is such a lovely n graceful dress
I've been wearing tights too for a couple times this past 2 weeks!
Fall is coming!

arnique said...

Sweet stacked heels! It's weird but I have a hard time walking in peep toes but I love a solid heel.

A from A +B in the Sea

Jing said...

Hello Cherie!been so long since i dropped by your blog.i miss you and your posts.
i love the place.reminds me of my lolo's place where we used to spend our summer back then.
i love the dress.esp the colors

Stela ALVES said...

Lovely Blog!!

kathi eric said...

i am so in love with that dress! gaaah. the prints on the dress are just so vintage, and the ruffled neckline and tapered waist are perfect. i am so jealous. you have impeccable taste, as always. :D

kathi folds five

Gabriella Audrey said...

Very lovely dress. You look fab!


Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

yes!!! i feel the cold..and i love it! i was even thinking of buying sheer socks for my sandals...hehe.

ps. i lurv your dress! i'm always weak for floral boho-like dresses.

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Turquoise and Lily said...

nice dress cherie :)

michelle_ said...

i love your shoes !
i wish we have season transitions here ! but sadly i dont have the chance to deck out my coats and boots in september :(

many thanks for the comments as always ..
glistersandblisters dot com

Gelli Bean said...

I love your dress! Fab, as always. :D

Sweet said...

the weather here is unpredictable...of course since I am working in two places in is really different...sometimes in Bangkok its raining hard while in my workplace its so damn hot...but lately its been quite cold...

love the dress hun


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