So yeah, I bought one..

Jun 2, 2010

So I finally succumbed to a trend. I went ahead and finally got myself a blazer. I love how it kind of "toughens up" a girly outfit and lend some tailored clean lines. I also like how it adds warmth to an otherwise windy and chilly day because of the rain.

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Paired it up with my glitziest dress ever, a fully sequined halter dress for some dinner. This is part of my room by the way.

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Sorry for all those wires and stuff sticking out my secretaire, this is my workstation in my room. And if you look closely, there's a picture of the boyf beside my laptop. I know, kind of cheesy hehe. The calendar at the back is set to April 2009 and until now it's still there. My mom bought it for me since she knew I love dogs. I guess everytime I look at it I remember her indulging me in my love of pets.

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Found the perfect earrings to go with my garnet flower ring. I bought this gold metal rose earrings at SM department store in Baguio. They have the prettiest selection of accessories there. I've been actually wearing them everyday since Monday!

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I've been clutching my wireless remote for my camera, hence the weird pose. A friend from Tokyo gave it to me, after seeing me run when I set the self-timer. Thanks Gabby!

Wearing an unbranded blazer from Japan, unbranded halter sequined dress and Kate Spade peeptoe heels. Have a nice midweek everyone! Time flies so fast isn't it?


Claradevi Handriatmadja said...

Whoa you look sexy and gorgeous!
I really love the dress :))

Dressing Up For Me said...

You look so sexy and sophiscated at the same time, Che! The blazer gives the whole outfit an edgy look. Love the rose earrings, it´s so perfect for your ring.

Too bad can´t see well le boyf´s face. Ay tsismosa ba? lol! :)

Leah said...

So elegant and sophisticated... love the look. And I love your new blog layout. xoxo

Rebecca Rose said...

Che you are so ganda and sexy talaga!!! Love the blazer!

Mrs.Zeus said...

SEXY!! I love blazers, I dunno much about the BF blazers as I look stout when I wear it.

At most I wear it as dress. lol


Diya said...

gorgeous sequined look... and I love how classy this whole outfit is!

Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

i've been hooked on blazers since last is indeed comfy and chic.

the sequined dress is beautiful, btw..

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Lee said...

You look fab and elegant Cherie! And I adore your earrings <3

PS: Thanks for visiting my blog dear!

Lee []

Anonymous said...

Ang ganda ganda mo,... L

Dane said...

Blazers are such a staple. They should never go out of style. I love them dressed down the best.. with some cut offs and gladiators or over a maxi dress. <3

Anonymous said...

love the dress and the blazer Cherie....ohh it was such a sad news regarding your flight to Bangkok, hope you can pick things up and visit Bangkok soon....we can in a way meet up here....Take Care love.


Nikki said...

Oh sexy dress!
Nice poses :)


Chic and fabulous...great post! Lovely dress...

Melissa said...

i love the contrast of your blazer and the dress :) great blog, following :) follow back?
thanks for the comment!

Aimee said...

i love your ring! im following!

Gela said...

hi, Cherie! that sequined dress is fabulous! i love that it shows just the right amount of cleavage on you. the blazer look suits you as well! (pun unintended. hah.)

thanks for dropping my blog, btw! :)

Stevia said...

blazers are my favorites
I have three and I think I need more!

your sequin dress looks fab
it screams 'a night out in town'!

i wish I have your bravery to wear sequin dress too!

anyway, you look great as ever


lovefool said...

wow, we have the same name! only mine comes with a 'y' :P love love your dress. you should see my room, it's worse! haha. love your blog!

fashionstoned said...

You look gorgeous! love the dress! very chique!

michelle_ said...

you absolutely stunning !
and i love a camera remote as well !

i use one for most of my outfit shots :)
2 more days to enter my We Love Colors tights giveaway

Andie said...

love your blazer! im trying to find the perfect one, none so far...

and i love the food in vietnam!! im gonna make a whole post dedicated to food :))

heart charlie said...

Your dress is so pretty!! I love how you paired it with that gray blazer ;) Very cute!

Breshna & Rona said...

grey looks great on you and that dress is just fab!! x

fashionstoned said...

You look stunning!! and the remote is a greaat idea!

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