Last Friday

Jun 7, 2010

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(wearing a thrifted blouse, necklace bought in malaysia, leggings from SM and Jessica boots)

The rains have been pouring spontaneously over a week now and I love the cooler temperature. But what I don't like is the rain seeping into my feet, making me cold and cranky. I've been eyeing these boots for quite some time now and a change of weather cajoled me into purchasing it along with some umbrellas.

How was your weekend everyone? I hope it's been nice and fun.

xoxo, Cherie


Lee said...

I don't like it when my feet gets wet and dirty with mud. Do they have those boots in black? :)

Lee {}

B said...

Hooray for boots! Aren't you so glad there are more stylish alternatives to rubber rain boots?

I really like your hair, btw-the color and cut look great on you. I tried a cut like that before but my hair is too poofy. Yours looks classy and sleek :)

B from A plus B

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

your shoes so gogeous..

wanna exchange link and or follow me??

Anonymous said...

wow I love those boots!!! it makes me want to look for one here in Bangkok...hmmmpp...rainy season is coming time to protect our feet from getting wet hahahaha!!!!

take care
much love,

The Big Bangs Theory said...

Cute boots! :) And I love your necklace too! :)

<3 Christine

Melissa said...

cute boots! i love the colour!

Anonymous said...

i love the color of your boots cherie! i love the rain and spending an afternoon in the rain but what i hate is getting my feet dirty and wet when im heading out. eeck!


Leah said...

I want to go home now... it's so hot here in California. I want cooler temp... I want to wear boots again. You look gorgeous. Love your top and your boots. xoxo

Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

the boots are genius!
it's not raining too much here in cebu yet..only during the night. would love it if it rained during the day so it would be cool when i sleep in the afternoons..

one thing is for sure, i cannot wait to wear my boots this rainy season too!

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Anonymous said...

hei dear,thank you for sweet comment on my blog, wow really love your heels.and you look pretty :)
feel free for follow and link me.

Jing said...

amazing boots! and your throw pillows caught my attention.GANDA.hehe ^=^

Charlotte Elise Jay said...


Love them

Char x

Anonymous said...

hey love,

can you send me an email? I can give you an's

take care
much love,

libys11 said...

ooohhh now those boots are perfect for the rainy weather!! great color too! :D

Animated Confessions

Nikki said...

Omg, I absolutely love your booots!<3

Tayler said...

those shoes are so cool! awesome blog too ;)

Bionica said...

your boots are totally cute

if you get a chance, please visit me at


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