Blue Skies are all I need

Jun 13, 2010

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(Bench tshirt, Redhead skirt, Issa Kamara flats, Necklace bought in Malaysia)

The sight of blue skies and open seas never cease to amaze me. But how I wish the wind would just whisper so that I can get the beach shot with the perfect hair.

Have a great weekend everyone!


The Big Bangs Theory said...

Pretty skirt! :)

Anonymous said...

I love the fun to be at the makes me miss the beach in the Philippines...

have a wonderful Sunday!
much love

Dressing Up For Me said...

I missed seeing blue skies! What we´re having right now are grey skies, lots of them. huhu!

Love that skirt and necklace, Che!

Melai said...

Love your skirt!! ^___^ Yey! I love it. We're fellow schoolmates! I'm following more of your "parade" of dresses :) Nice to see you. Akala ko nafollow na kita, hindi ko pa pala naclick dati.

Thanks for dropping by dear!

Style and Soul

kumar said...

i like your pics you looks sooo cute

style baro said...

I like your skirt for a girl!


Leah said...

Lovely skirt... and what a fun day at the beach. xoxo

Charlotte Elise Jay said...

Thanks for following my blog :)

Love your skirt and your little dolly shoes are SO CUTE :)

Char x

Anonymous said...

hei pretty,thank you for the comment, wow really love that skirt. and nice pic, feel free for follow and,anita

knk said...

wow lovely post i like that beach view, wondeful photography

michelle_ said...

i love the print of your skirt very much !
i agree that wind is the best accessory at the beach !

Nina said...

Ooooh! That skirt!

kirstyb said...

loving the skirt xxxxxx

Ashley said...

The beach looks so nice (and so do you, of course). Haven't been to one in so long. Hope you had a nice weekend!

betz said...

lovely skirt cherie. you look so gorgeous! i am so jealous... i miss sand on my feet.


PS: My friend and I started a new blog about NYC. There's so much more about this city beyond Carrie Bradshaw's Manolos. You might wanna visit this blog too (and feel free to follow!) :)

Anonymous said...

I uber love your skirt. :))

perfect oufit. beach chic.

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