This little bunny got sick

May 7, 2010

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(dress from HK, bib necklace from tiangge and belt For Me)

My mom calls me the "energizer bunny". She say I don't know how to stop and rest. Well, this energizer bunny got sick with a hacking cough so bad she feels embarassed to go anywhere (sorry TMI!). So I kind of told myself to stay at home for days until I can breathe and feel better. Armed with a laptop on my bed and some hot tea, I finally had that blissful rest. I've been reading your blogs lovelies and i could finally comment on your pretty pretty pictures of summer fun and fashion.

To my mom, Happy Mother's day Mama! A kiss from your eldest bunny across the miles. Here is a picture of us together when I was just a kid. I miss her so much.

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Anonymous said...

you look gorgeous, Cherie! u dont look sick at all! i love your LWD and that bib necklace is just gorgeous! i love old pics! i like how they turn sepia-ish over the years :)


bestie said...

Aw sorry about your cough! I hate getting sick, too, but I still gotta force myself to go to work... so I end up interrupting my interviews with important people with loud, incessant bursts of cough. NOT cool. Haha.

Anyway you look sooo lovely in that dress! The bib necklace goes perfectly with it. (:

And on a different note: GO! Get the Michael Antonio wedges too because they are so frickin awesome. <333

Rebecca Rose said...

OMG Che WOW ang sexy mo huh!!! Nice photos!!! I want that bib necklace hehe! Anyway you and your mom are so pretty!!

Question lang, when are you going here???

Leah said...

Hey gorgeous bunny, you are really so pretty in these pics. I love them all.

I am coughing too. The weather really sucks. Have a great weekend! xoxo

Anonymous said...

you are so gorgeous, you dont look the least bit sick!

ahwww that picture with your mom made me smile, its too sweet!

i hope you feel better!

Ugnė said...

Beautiful necklace, and your photos looks so frech and calm. Love it! :]

betz said...

you are a picture of beauty cherie!


Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

despite you being sick, you still look gorgeous!

my mommy always said i was the most talkative too...hehehe.

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

t said...

Cute look!

B said...

I am sick too! What is up with the weather!

I hope you feel better soon. Your last post in Baguio was so pretty. I want to go there to escapre the city heat for awhile. :)

Kasia_B said...

Thank you for your nice comment dear! And for following me as well!
There are some beautiful photos on your blog.
Hope you're doing well!


Jing said...

i love this photo shoot. so gorgeous in white dress and bib necklace!
parang hindi ka sick.ganda pa rin!

SaraJ said...

very moviesque

Wendy said...

The bib necklace is lovely!

Gelli Bean said...

Fab as always :D

Dane said...

Adorable you look gorge in the dress and Im in love with the belt.

Charlotte Elise Jay said...

beautifullll dress ;)

Char xx

Anonymous said...

lovely look gorgeous with your photos...great smile you have there!!!

take good care of yourself get well soon...

love lots,

Marla Singer said...

such a beautiful dress! and gorgeous photos <3

jakarech said...

love the necklace it looks great!

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