I went to the place where the flowers bloom

Apr 25, 2010

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(wearing a Olives des Olives dress, ballet shoes from HK, vintage belt and Baby Phat bag)

I've been working straight for three weeks now and you know what they say "All work and no play makes jack a very dull boy". So when an opportunity presented itself, like a power interruption halting our usual work, I escaped the heat and drove two hours to the cool mountains of Baguio. Spent the day with my girlfriends eating frozen yogurt, walking under the sun without getting sunburnt and admired the flowers that sprung up around Burnham park. Though my day out lasted only a few hours, I felt light, happy and thankful.

I hope everyone is still fabulous despite all this heat. Have a good day Lovelies!

p.s who's going to Philippine Fashion Week A/W 2010? it would be nice to have a blogger meetup :)


Leah said...

That's great... we all need a break. Love the view and love your dress... so pretty!

Mom Daughter Style said...

great pictures cherie, i love your green dress and I miss Baguio. I just don't miss the road to go there. thanks for your recent comment on my blog

Gelli Bean said...

Oh I love Baguio! Nice outfit! :D

kookie kulasa said...

Looove the pictures of the flowers, dear! And you look lovely, as well :)

My friend promised tickets to the Phil. Fashion Week, but am not sure if she'll really be able to get any. Of course she'd have to pick just a few out of the many who want to go!

Rebecca Rose said...

I miss Baguio, the flowers, the food, the market, and souvenirs... huwaaaa :-( Buti ka pa its only 2 hours drive.

BTW cute dress! Sya nga pala I buy my dresses lang sa Dillards, Macy's, Forever 21, Charlotte Russe and JCPenney's.

rjs mama said...

i want to escape to baguio also, so hoooot here in manila

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Jing said...

we enjoyed so much talaga sa hundred islands.when i saw the colorful bridge sa quezon island.ikaw naalala ko.haha. ganda dun.dami nga lng tao nung pumunta kami.

Baguio is known for beautiful flowers talaga noh? you are so pretty on that dress and nice flats.:)

Dressing Up For Me said...

I missed Burnham Park and Baguio! Looking so pretty, Che! :)

Love the last photo of you, so cute. ;)

Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

such an adorable dress! the belt though is amazing..love the color and print!

oh i wish i can go to baguio..

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

stellectism said...

you look so sweet and pretty in this dress! i really feel the "summer feeling" from your shoots. very beautiul!

Eden said...

its always summer here in your blog and i love it. you're looking fantastic, love, as always! tres adorable:)

p.s. hope you pop in and check out my giveaway!

join my summer giveaway here

The Big Bangs Theory said...

Cute shoes! :) I'll link your blog :)

Marla Singer said...

beautiful outfit and great pictures <333

Anonymous said...

wow...that is a great idea for all pinoy bloggers!!!!

great photos you have there....and it is really nice to have a break once in a while...

Take Care always,

love lots.


betz said...

You're as beautiful as the flowers. And you have such a sweet smile.


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