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Mar 9, 2010

So how does one choose a hotel to stay in? Popular answers would be the strategic location, good service, comfortable rooms. The one we stayed in HK i chose for the interiors. According to their website "it is a boutique hotel as though fashioned from Salvador Dali's fertile imagination". Located in the Tsim Sha Tsui area, it is just a stone throw away from the nightlife in Knutsford Terrace and the shopping street of Granville Road. My cousin and I ended up until the last day with no shopping in sight and thankfully, the shops nearby closes at 11 pm so we didn't go home quite empty handed.

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The photos above are taken at the hotel lobby. I just love the clear chair and the transparent glass desk. I wonder if work will be easier if one has an office like that hihi.

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The hotel bed with the surreal painted frames. These beds are the most comfortable I've slept in. My cousin told me that some people buy hotel pillows when they check out. One even bought a bed!

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A lot have been asking about my loot in HK. These shoes I bought the night before we left is pretty as well as functional. We were dropped off in the wrong terminal and guess who was running around the airport? Buti na lang, we got there on time and 5 minutes before the plane closed haha. The shoes survived.

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(Wearing a thrifted ruffle blouse and mini skirt, belt from a hundred peso store, Jill Stuart jacket, tights bought in the states and ballet shoes from granville road)


Jing said...

i love your outfit. dress and skirt pala yan..ganda.especially that its paired with white jacket.

Jing said...

ay sorry.blouse pala.parang dress kasi.hehe

Kookie B. said...

i thought you were wearing a dress! love you styled this! :)

Gelli Bean said...

Love the outfit! Nice!

Hotel looks posh too. :D

Rebecca Rose said...

ganda ng hotel at super ganda mo Che!!!

I wanna go to HK now kahit stop over lang haha!!!

Psyche said...

Hi, Cherie! Thanks for dropping by my site. :) Glad to have found your blog. :D

Dane said...

Your dress is beautiful especially paired with the belt.

Anonymous said...

your pics made me miss HK, Cherie! and you look fab! i thought you were wearing a dress too ;)


Denise said...

i love the skirt girl
oi we're going to hongkong this coming May and i might need your "guidance". hihihi.

I am Denise Katipunera

Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

wow! that is such a fab hotel!
and a comfortable bed is definitely a must for me when choosing a hotel...hehe. :D

great outfit!
love that belt!

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Anonymous said...

ganda ng room vintage look...aww so surreal!!!

nice outfit...

Take Care

Marla Singer said...

i love your outfit! the flats are so stunning <3

Anonymous said...


Love I like the interiors of the hotel that you chose but love your outfit most. ;)I like the ruffles and the white jacket to go with it.

When we book hotels, we usually consider the location, nearer to the metro the better and then we read the reviews. I´m not so picky basta it doesn´t smell of cigarette smoke okay na. ;)

Overdressed Me said...

im glad ur shoes survived. I honest-to-god really understand the importance of good quality ballet flats during those tight airport moments.

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