Going to Hong Kong

Feb 26, 2010

Catched an early morning flight from Clark airbase...

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To arrive to this wonderful view in a cold and windy Monday. Victoria Harbour from Kowloon side is such an amazing view. The smell of the sea mingling with the fog and the sight of those buildings is one of the most memorable experience i had.

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At some point, me and my cousin got separated from my parents and received a text from my Mom like this: "Come here at Canton Road, this is where your bestfriends are". Curiously, I took out my map and walked to there and this is what she refers to as my bestfriends:

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She's funny noh? haha. Notice how the Chanel logo is illuminated at the Dior shopfront. Seriously, being in that street is a window shopper's fantasy (mine, i guess) and it is also a prime place for people watching.

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(wearing Jill Stuart Jacket, Zara tank, Tights from Sm, Baby Phat bag and Ballet shoes from Adora)

This is outside the Cartier store at 1881 Heritage. There are rows and rows of kumquat trees here and they symbolize goodluck and prosperity. Being the Chinese New Year, these trees are scattered around Hong Kong especially in commercial establishments. Thought it was plastic at first glance..

It's the weekend again and I'd like to greet everyone a happy weekend! May you have a good one :)


Leah said...

Any goodies? What did you buy? So excited to know what you got. xoxo

Gelli Bean said...

Excited to see your new acquisitions. Happy shopping! :D

Rebecca Rose said...

I've never been there, so sad kasi na una pa yung Parents kong maka punta dyan hehe. They said na its really beautiful nga daw dyan.

Anyway love your outfit, so comfy and really cute.

Can't wait to see more pics from your trip. Are u going to Disneyland??? :-) Ingat and enjoy your vacay with your Fam!


Ansley said...

Love the shots on the bridge!
& that Dior store. ahhh jealous. :)

Brenda evans said...

bring some goodies for mee! lol.
ahh i'm so jealous, i want to go there again. haha

thx 4 ur comment:)

mom & son said...

Shopping, shopping, shopping!
I know maganda mamili jan sa HK.
You look good in orange, Cher!

Andie said...

haha i liked what your mum said "this is where your bestfriends are"
made me laugh, haha
and dont you just love hk??


Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

hala, i miss hongkong...
when i was there last november, i could stop staring at people's outfits! everyone is so fashionable! haha! and they were in boots and jackets galore! haaay, love that place...

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

deekkyy said...

you're beautiful...i like it..visit my blog and happy blogging
follow me please

Anonymous said...


Just passing by. The place looks fantastic especially the view from the harbor. Sayang I wasn't able to visit Hongkong while I was still living in the Phils. Maybe one of these days pag uuwi ako.;)

Love your peach skirt and shoes! The color is so yummy. :)

PS: Love your Mom's text and sense of humor.;)

Nina said...

You're in HKG! Envious!

Closet Full of Nothing said...

Ahh I miss hk!!! looks like a fab shopping trip :)



Eri said...

My first time here, really enjoyed your blog. Please come and visit me too!

See you soon.


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