Bling me Triangles

Feb 11, 2010

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(wearing a Salt and Pepper dress, headband and stockings from SM and Kate Spade heels)

My version of the "power shoulder" but with faux blings. I was amused by the design of the dress when I first picked it up and i thought what a creative way to ornament a dress. I've had this for months but I found it buried under clothes. Sometimes, we just have to dig in our closets to unearth a forgotten "treasure".

Chinese New Year is coming up over the weekend. Incidentally, Valentine's day is at the same date and it will be perfectly acceptable to wear RED hihi. So what are your plans lovelies? *wink wink*. I'm definitely excited to eat Tikoy or nian gow *foodie alert*. Have a happy heart's day everyone and may the year of the Tiger brings us luck!

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Anonymous said...

What a great way to style an equally trendy dress! With the perfect headband and a set of diamond-patterned stockings.

We're planning on lunching out on V-Day. I don't like tikoy very much but I love moon cakes. ;)

Rebecca Rose said...

Che I went back to my bold blog, sorry if you have to change my link on your page... soooorrrry... sana first and last ko na yun haha.

Anyway grabe I like your hair talaga... u look so pretty.

Denise said...

oh i love the new hair. matagal ka na ba nagpagupit? I really love it. It took ten your off of you.

I am Denise Katipunera

Anonymous said...

love the headband and the stockings....

I am a new fan now...

keep the post coming dear.

Happy Valentines Day


Claradevi said...

Those are adorable!
I enjoy my first visit here, you have a lovely blog :)
Keep posting! I'll keep following.

M. said...

love your tights so so much!

lovelove, M.

Nina said...

Hi Cherie!

You are loveliness personified! I'm also enamoured by lace tights nowadays ...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for featuring my giveaway contest. Hope you're feeling lucky!

Leah said...

Love all the details of your ensemble... the power shoulders, the headbands, the tights... everything is just fabulous. xoxo

Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

great dress with the shoulder details!
and you rocked those tights! :D

happy heart's day!

ps. i'd like to exchange links...will you? :D

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Marla Singer said...

amazing look! love the tights <3

Closet Full of Nothing said...

Love the detailed pics, beautiful tights!



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