Small Town Fiesta

Jan 17, 2010

The best thing about living in a small town is that things are utterly simple. I can walk for 5 minutes and I get to the town center already and almost everybody knows everyone. Every January is the celebration of our Fiesta in honor of our Patron Saint, St. Anthony of Abbot. And since one of the chief products of our locale is the ubiquitous vegetable, eggplant or "talong" in Filipino, the Mayor created, albeitly double entendre, created the "Talong Festival". Now, I must tell you there are no eggplants pictured haha, just some images of a small town fiesta like ours.

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I love thrilling rides and this is probably the most thrilling ride in the whole of "perya" or fiesta. Since none of my companions will ride with me, I asked my dad, who lives thrilling rides himself, to go with me. Isn't he sweet? And the best thing about it is that the ride only cost Php 20/pax.

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Cute balloons. I bought a Hello Kitty and gave my dogs a scare hihi.

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Classic Filipino street food. Yum. I sent this picture through email to my sisters in the States and they just wailed " you're just doing it to tease us!".

And just in case, you were wondering what i wore to "traipse around town":

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I'm wearing:
Hussein Chalayan blouse
Levi's Pants
Can you guess where I live?


mom & son said...

hi cher!
happy fiesta!
na-miss ko na pumunta sa mga fiesta jan sa atin. na-miss ko na sumakay ng ferris wheel.
btw, you're getting more beautiful with your new
haircut. layered cut really looks good on you.

Cheryl said...

Hello, Che!

I've never heard of Talong Festival before. San to?

I love your new look. Curly hair looks best on you. :)

Rebecca Rose said...

I miss perya ;-( But anyway U looked really good, blooming ka talaga.

Take care.

Noelle + Kendall said...

Awesome pictures. looks like so much fun! and cute outfit!

-N + K
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