Reworked vintage

Jan 21, 2010

I feel sad when I see vintage dresses on the bargain bin whenever I go thrifting. So I buy some of them and wear them as it is or have it "tweaked" a bit by reworking. This is one of them:

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I wore it with a cameo pendant necklace. I have quite a collection of them and I think of them as very romantic pieces of jewelry.

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And it looked like this before getting reworked:

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Noelle Chantal said...

wow i am so in love with your Cameo necklace. my mom collects cameo jewelries. i sometimes borrow some of her Cameo pieces before. kaso my sister and i lost one of her fave precious cameo earrings!! too bad..

and oh i love the reworked dress on you. pretty vintage find! :)

Anonymous said...

sweet necklace, Cherie!
jut like noelle here, my mom collects them too. as a matter of fact, i was gifted with a necklace and ring set! quite gorgeous!

you look lovely in your dress btw! that color suits you well ;)


Mrs.Zeus said...

Did you do the tweaking? Love it!!!

I am inlove with your necklace, now I need to find one like so.

Rebecca Rose said...

OMG great job ;-), love that necklace too.

Denise said...

love the dress.

you're gorgeous babe.

I am Denise Katipunera

mom & son said...

i feel so bad i left my cameo necklace at home.
cher, i love the reworked dress. it looks more sophisticated.

betz said...

That's so fabulous! The cut is perfect. You look so pretty in it. And of course, your cameo necklace perfected it.


Eden said...

beloved cherie, you have such a fine taste in vintage dresses! you kinda remind me of zooey deschanel in 500 days of summer in the way she pulls off these finds. its quite lovely really!

btw hun, i've got a great giveaway over at my site. do give it a try!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Che!

Love what you did with the vintage dress and loving more the cameo pendant. I remembered your collection and I was drooling over it. lol! :)

anna bu said...

really great dress!!! :)


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