My Birthday Dinner

Oct 28, 2009

Another year came by and I had to say goodbye to the previous age that I was. So many things happened to me this year in just a span of months and I am thankful. So last week, I decided to have a birthday dinner with my uber best friend at Cav in Bonifacio High Street:

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(wearing Plains and Prints dress, Schu semi gladiator shoes, a ring that was a gift and vintage bag)

The salmon carpaccio salad was to die for with its unique taste. We finished every bit of this! My friend's entree was the Salmon on a bed of pasta and she tells me that this is divine as the salmon literally melts in your mouth. Mine was the short rib stew and this is quite good too. The restaurant is filled with beautiful people as it is a prime spot. Let me say that I spotted a lot of eye candies while dining and that is such a treat in itself. After all, it's my birthday heehee!

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After dinner, my friend had the brilliant idea of blowing bubbles in replacement of our childhood baloons and I tell you, it's hilarious! Bonifacio High Street is actually an open air promenade of shops and restaurants with a lot of green spaces. So it was cool to just sit there and blow bubbles. A very cute kid actually came to us wanting to blow the bubbles and we had to hide the bubble wand from him to make him go home with his parents (awww, we felt bad doing that but it's 11 pm already hehe)

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And last but not the least, this is my new haircut! Do I look okay in this? haha. My friends tell me I look so young (so that's why the teen kid keeps looking *thwap!) but it's a refreshing change. According to my beau, he loves it and I do too. So there, after all the disasters that happened ( our house got flooded too and I tell you post flood depression is one thing i dont wanna happen to us again), it was so nice to just go out, have fun and be in the company of someone so enjoyable.


Denise said...

happy birthday CHerie!

you look so pretty in your new hair really.

I Am Denise Katipunera

Denise said...

girl i am so sorry about your house. I hope maka recover kayu agad.

I Am Denise Katipunera

Noelle Chantal said...

happy birthday! first, the dress and the shoes looks perfect. very classy and stylish. second, the food looks yummy and very well presented. and third, the bubble idea is so fun and cute! the photos with the bubbles is really lovely! :)

and the new cut look so nice! yes, you looked younger! pretty!

oh sorry to hear about your house. hope everythings okay now. :)

Che Barcelona said...

Happy Birthday Sweetie :)

You look so fab! your new hair is a great start :)
I did the same thing when something horrible happened to me before! :(
I love your dress and the red lipstick/gloss :P

hope u had a wicked day!
have a nice day!

Much love che :)

Rebecca Rose said...

Ei beautiful belated happy birthday!!! U and your friend looked gorgeous with your dresses and those shoes OMG they are cute.

BTW so sorry that U got flooded too.

Take care.

>>> Becca!!!

Cheryl said...

Hello, Che!

First, belated happy birthday to you!

Second, I'm so sorry about what happened to your house.The most important thing is that you and your family and safe.

Third, your haircut is fab and so is your dress too! I used to buy my tops at P&P before but I gave them all away when I moved here.

Hope you'll have a wonderful weekend ahead. :)

Anonymous said...

belated happy birthday! you look gorgeous. love the hair and the outfit. hope everything's okay now. sorry about your house.

Anonymous said...

beautiful dress!!!

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