Oct 4, 2009

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I was so shocked to learn that I haven't updated my blog in a month! There are so many changes in my life now that blogging took a backseat. All I can say is that it is a start of a new chapter in my life with a new love and new things career-wise. I miss reading all of your entries and commenting on your beautiful, fashionable photographs. Honestly, I haven't been fashion forward during the time I wasn't blogging so I'd like to get on track, discover and reconnect with the blogs of our fashionable sisters and get inspired once again. It is so sad what happened to everyone during the storm Ketsana that it might be insensitive to post pictures of fashion when everybody is needing. So if you have time, let's offer a short prayer for the victims and if you have the resources, donate to the numerous agencies for much needed relief.


Cheryl said...

Hi, Che!

Congratulations on your new love and career.:)

Glad to know that you're back! I've been missing your entries here. I hope that you're back for good.;)

Yep, what we need right now are lots of prayers and healing. Hope your family's fine and no one got hurt while "it" happened.

Take care always!

Rebecca Rose said...

Beautiful, we miss your post a lot but we are glad that u are back yahooooo :).

Anyway congrats for your new found love and career.

Take care.

>>> Rebecca Rose

vitaMinn style said...

Hi there!

You have a lovely blog, enjoyed browsing thru your pictures here.

Congrats on the new love and new career! Exciting times ahead, how fun!

And thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, I really appreciate it!! =)

Ces said...

you look great on your dresses. you do really have a fashionista blog.

Denise said...

so happy for you.
oh LOVE! hihihihi.

i like your huge bag. Those logos are to die for.

Noelle Chantal said...

hi, Cherie! how are you? it's been forever since my last visit here and my last blog update too. by the way, thanks for sending deep condolences. and i do feel bad and sad about the victims of storms. lets just continue praying, for fast recovery of everybody affected.

oh, nice LV! :)

Che Barcelona said...

Hey Cherie :)

I love you LV bag! hehe..
How are u na btw?! hope you're okay!
Please view rockmyrunway na!
also pa add ako sa blog roll mo pleaseee :)

Have a nice day!
much love, Che.xxx

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