A girl's Girl

Aug 21, 2009

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(Dress: Z; Shoes: Schu)

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I'm guess I'm what you call as a girl's girl. I love spas, shopping and all the feminine rituals that almost all women at some point indulge. I came across an article sometime that women unconciously dress for other women, meaning, those baby doll dresses, ruffles and laces are cute to the eyes of girls and not boys. If that's the case, then, I admittedly dress for other girls. But I think these frothy confections of dresses highlights our feminine features too and some men will like it no doubt. :D I'm kinda rambling here haha, but it has been too long since I blogged and thank you, thank you for the sweet comments. Perhaps, now that the long weekend has commenced ( Friday- Sunday), I will have time to read your blogs and be inspired once again.

P.s. I'm obsessed about Longchamp bags now that I have one. Very easy to use and foldable too! And I'd like to post a very hearty shout out to my cousin who gave me a bag and I didn't realize until six months later there was a cache of Givenchy perfumes inside. Surprises are just wonderful aren't they?


che idrees said...

Hey Cherie :)

Love the dress!
you look blooming ah!
What you been up to lately?
Have a lovely weekend!!!!

Much love,

Noelle + Kendall said...

Love the dress!
you look lovely

-N + K

Cheryl said...

Hi, Che!

Love the tiered/ruffled top on that dress and that Longchamp is amazing. I wish I have a cousin just like yours.hehe!

PS: True, women dress for other women.;)

Flashes of Style said...

oo you look so pretty! I just love that girly dress.

Natalie said...

I love your dress and heels. so cute! and when i went to New York this spring, i think every single woman there had one of those longchamp bags... classic!



Eden said...

whoa cherie, gotta love your cousin! my day would totally perk up if i had a surprise like that stashed in some bag! haven't had any so far. sadly.:)

btw, nothing wrong with being a girl's girl--i don't really consider myself as one, but i do love your style cherie and i think you do it soooooo well. so keep it up!

much love


Rebecca Rose said...

ganda love your dress :). I want it.

>>> Rebecca Rose


Denise said...

oh what a lovely dress??//

we're going to the spa later. Am not much into spas but husband is. hihihihi

Mads said...

I love your shoes!! parang i saw the purple version of those in schu and they were pretty too..=) love your haircolor on your newest post, BTW..=) have added you to my blogroll, looking forward to seeing more of your dresses..=)

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