Can't resist Zara

Aug 11, 2009

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(Zara dress, vintage belt, Figlia shoes)

Normally, I wouldn't shop at Zara because tons of girls shop there and I might suddenly have a doppelganger at a party or what you might call as "wearing the same dress". Also, the mad dash for racks and racks of clothes do scare me, making me less prone to make a purchase. But one lovely Sunday morning, I went to the mall and found Zara quite quiet. Maybe it was my mood or the fact that I just had a romantic saturday inspired me to go and take a look. After that moment, I was a convert! This dress is just one of the three I've bought (best part is they're on sale too).

Meanwhile, I also passed by Tickles, a "wasteland" full of pretty things. I bought one of their hanging accessories for my car and I leave you with its very tongue-in-cheek message. I hope no one gets offended by this but I just found it amusing. Because girls shouldn't settle for second best. Have a great day everyone!

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Denise said...

yey! what a lovely dress.

i don't shop on crowded store too. It gives me this weird feeling like am gonna purchase something i really don't need. Am not sure really. hihihi.

I love to shop quietly where i can think straight. But ukay ukay is the best place for me. The chaotic bargain feel pumps up my energy. I miss it na nga eh.

btw love your shoe. you're always so pretty and clean and crisp. Love your style.

Fashion Moment said...

You look great, darling!


che idrees said...

Hi there,

I am loving your dress! you look very nice as well... :)

Where did u buy your shoes?
also the sign is funny!
have a nice day Cherie :)

Much love,

Cheryl said...

I'm drooling over your shoes! I used to have a pair Figlia shoes years ago, it was a pair of wedges I think and I loved it to bits.

Me too, I hate crowded stores and then having to stand up for too long to pay for your purchases. That's why I only wear flats while shopping and not heels.

That white dress is so dainty, loving the belt too and that message is so "cheeky", lol! :)

Have a wonderful day ahead, Che!

PS: I'll try to look for that Bulgari scent that you told me. ;)

Noelle + Kendall said...

that dress looks so sweet on you!

and cute blog, we're subscribing!

-N + K

kirstyb said...

wow love the shoes xoxoox

Eden said...

me love, how are you?! its been a long time! missed dropping by your blog.:) just got back to writing, so do drop by sometime!

btw, i know what you mean by shopping in huge chain retail stores-- thats why i always go vintage or ukay nlang. hate doppelgangers either!
but that dress was a good judgment call. me loves it!

much love


Elizabeth Victoria C said...

absolutely love your belt! Zara is great, especially when its on sale ;) xx

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