The One Hundredth

Jul 9, 2009

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
( Marc Jacobs blouse, Cheap MOnday Jeans, Nine west shoes)

Yay, It's my one hudredth post! I can't believe that time flew so fast. In the time that I opened my blog for comments, I had gained a lot of inspiration reading your blogs and viewing your lovely comments. This blog has been like a diary to me and at the end of the day, blogging is something that takes off the stress of daily life. I've found support and company with all the blogs who peeks into this life and thank you also for sharing yours.

This was supposed to be my "sale attack" outfit last Saturday but with sneakers! Work interfered so I think my non smiling face has something to do with that. I'm excited to take a trip to the city this Sunday as most stores are holding their mid year sale. First stop on my list: the Great Lifestyle Sale of Bench.

Photo Source is here

It must have been nice to go have firt dibs because I have the lifestyle card but I'll take this opportunity. I've been wanting to also check the sale items of Dimensione ( I get excited by furniture these days ). Plus, I've been having wanderlust and it's a great way to check out other stores at Bonifacio High Street.
I've also accidentally deleted my blog list (foolish me!) while trying on some new templates. Please, please, just leave a comment if I accidentally don't remember to put your blog on ( So SORRY!!!) and I'll put it on as soon as possible. Also, new link exchanges are welcome! If you'd like to be added, just leave me a note :D


Rebecca Rose said...

Wow CONGRATS CHERIE :)!!! Anyway ang seductive and so pretty mo sa pic mo ha :).

Love your shoes.

Take care.

>>> Rebecca Rose

Overdressed Me said...

bare shoulders are always so sexy! i find them sexier than cleavage. seriously!

stay sexy and gorgeous. and gratz on the 100th post. keep 'em coming.

che idrees said...

Congrats Cherie :)

You look gorgeous! :) xxxx

Cheryl said...

Hello! Congratulations on your 100th post.:)*applause here* Loving that floral blouse and the shoeeesss! Hoping to see your loot from the sales soon. ;)

By the way, I think your blog roll is back. Have a nice day tomorrow! :)

Fashion Moment said...

Congratulations, darling! You're so wonderful!


Denise said...

the asymmetrical top is just lovely on you.

Eleh said...

oh how i like how the top looks against the tight jeans. and happy 100th!

Eden said...

wow ma cherie, kudos on the 100th post! i'm still quite far from that, but i hope i'll make the stretch too. you are an incredibly nice and pretty blogger!

much love

proudly says, said...

congrats on 100th post
and looking forward for more posts!

i love the off-shoulder blouse soo much!

Honey said...

I heart your shoes!!! Nice photos too by the way, what camera do u use?

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