10 facts about me

Jul 28, 2009

So I got an award about two weeks ago from blogger Overdressed me and all I can say is that I'm extremely grateful girl! So sorry for the overdue, overdue post.

I think I may have writer's block combined with photographer's block (wait, is there such a thing?). The pictures I will post here are the only ones I've taken for two weeks and even my super weekend at manila was poorly chronicled. But, these pictures are very appropriate to what this post is all about: 10 facts about me

1. I love skylines especially this one of Makati. But I don't look down because I might get faint or whatever and I might crash into the glass and you know what happens next

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2. This Pumpkin Soup from M cafe at the Ayala museum is literally Love. It melts away all your apprehensions on the first sip, it's the ultimate comfort food! If you have a chance to dine there, try this one!

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3. I do not know how to grow a plant. These water lilies are the only one who thrived by me and when food shortage comes, I don't have anything to eat but water lilies!

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4. My workstation is where I spend the first hour of my morning sipping coffee and the last hour of my day. Look how messy it is :(

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5. Maxi dresses are total life savers when the wail " I have nothing to wear!" emanates from my vocal cords. Much more glam when roughing it up.

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6. I am renovating and decorating the house and I do not know what direction to take on design. I want Kenneth Cobonpue pieces on the house. Does anybody know how much they are? Do I need to fly to Cebu to purchase it?

7. When I like a particular song, I play it a hundred times till the ears of my neighbors bleed (omg!)

8. People keep telling me to get married already. I'm still in my 20's and I do not really mind.

9. I'd like to take a trip out of the country soon.

10. I want to cut my hair ala Suri Cruise: the short bob with bangs! But I don't have the courage, yet.
So there you go! It was fun as it got me thinking cerebrally :D Finally, I made an update and hopefully the pictures will come soon. Have a nice day everyone!


che idrees said...

I love your dress! It looks comfy as well... :)
kakainggit naman ang computer table mo.. I love the carvings!
Have a nice day!

Denise said...

lovely dress!

i love your photos. do you edit them? they look so great.

Rebecca Rose said...

Beautiful I love reading your post.

I have to try that pumpkin soup :)

>>> Rebecca Rose


Cheryl said...

I also love the skyline and pumpkin soup.

As for the Kenneth C. furniture, try asking/leaving a message in Daphne Osena's blog. She has ordered one a few months ago.

Don't be pressured by all those who are telling you to get married. I got married in my late 30s, although that's rather very late ,haha but I had the best soltera time in my life.

Have a nice day ahead, C!

proudly says, said...

congrats on the award!

huh! seeing that soup make me hungry
already since i haven't eaten my breakfast yet.

oh boy, i love kenneth cobonpue pieces.
good for you, you can fly anytime to cebu and buy the furnitures. i know he's an outlet store/online store but you know i think, the price is more expensive here than there.

p.s. thanks for the bday wishes on mr. freddy's bday. i posted some pics from his party.


Maverick Malone said...

Fun facts!! :)

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