I've got a tag!

Jun 2, 2009

I've got a tag to answer from the lovely Cheryl of the blog Adventures of a Pinay Neska. It's so fun being tagged as it gets me really thinking of some answers. Some favorites change over the course of years and some really become unchanged. For example, my new favorites are these cameos. They are classic and elegant pieces and I love the melange of colors available.

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All ladies looking fair and pretty

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Now, these two are my favorites amongst them. The lady with the red background is the first i'll mount on a backing and design first. The lovely reddish orange color got to me and made the carving stand out. The blue cameo on the right is also an obvious favorite because I adore dogs. Although I don't have a Yorkie, the lovely depiction got to me.

Speaking of favorites, the tag is all about 20 of it. It's been fun thinking of answers for this one because I really LIKE a lot of things in multiples LOL.

20 0f my favorite things:

1. Color: White and Red

2. Dessert: Leche flan or Tocino el cielo or creme brulee. In short, these three are the same thing: custard flan!

3. Smell: Roses

4. Flower: Lilies, because they are the first flowers I have ever received from the BF

5. Animal- Dogs of course, namely Dobie, Corky, Sandy, Nami, Tyrone, Ponzie and Tutti

Dobie in his minni mouse costume. He looks so perplexed, poor baby.

6. Month - December. I love the smell of pine trees, gifts, christmas dinner feast and the generally happy mood of people.

7. Beverage - Water

8. Pair/s of shoes- Heels and ballerina flats. They must co-exist with each other. Must.

9. Snack- Pizza... Just writing the word makes me conjure slices of its goodness!

10. Song- Mamma Mia Soundtrack

11. Book- The art of seduction and the art of war by robert greene

12. Fruit- Honey dew melon and mangoes :D

13. Hairstyle- softly curled hair with a headband

14. Piece/s of clothing-Dresses!

These two were my picks for the graduation day. I really wanted to wear the white dress because of its dramatic drape at the back (Stella McCartney) and I bought it eons ago especially for the occasion. I ended up wearing this LBD that I wore to my first college grad for the pictorials.

15. Store/s to clothes shop- Thrift stores, Adora for gorgeous pieces (Tyler, Missoni, D&G) and Bench for their bamboo silk t shirts!

16. Season- forever SUMMER

17. Hobby- Cooking, Surfing, Body Boarding

Some home made pesto that I have whipped up over the weekend :D

18. Things to collect- Sea glass, Cameos, Perfumes, Pucci dresses

19. Movie- Breakfast at Tiffany's. Makes me cry at the end especially when Holly tossed Cat on the alley.

20. Restaurant- currently Mimmo's Italian restaurant.


Mads said...

Hi Cherie! haha I'm glad you know what I'm talking about ala Rudy Fernandez (ooops RIP) or Robin Padilla hahahahh..=) I love the detail of your white dress and Mickey dog is so cute!


Denise said...

hhhhahhhahahahah! that dog!

Dane said...

Bench has silk tees? Hmm didnt know that, thanks for the info!


kirstyb said...

Your dog loos so cute! I also really like the black dress in that post. I always cry at breakfast at tiffanys I love it! I only watched it for the first time ever last year! xoxox

Eden said...

pesto... hmmmm... now youre making me break my diet! ma cherie, i love your answers. lol i have yet to answer my questionnaire too. btw, i totally agree.. isn't summer the best? i'm so gonna miss it terribly:(

thanks for your well wishes love!

much love


pps. you can check out yves' personal blog and perhaps contact him there at http://yvestyle.blogspot.com :)

Cheryl said...

Hello, Cherie!

Some things that we share: those pink lilies in the photo( main flower of my wedding bouquet), The Art of War ( originally from Sun Tzu,mine was a translation by Thomas Cleary,hehe!)and love for pesto( haven't tried making one yet, I always buy by the bottle ;) ).This 20- favorite things tagging game is so much fun, isn't it? Thanks for sharing it with us. :)

Cheryl said...

and oh one more thing, I love those cameos. They're so cute and I love things engraved, they're a classic.

Noelle Chantal said...

oh my you have a wonderful collection of cameos! im just borrowing my mom's vintage cameos, i hope she'll give it to me someday hehe. your dog is so adorable looking! funny costume haha! so cute! and my favorite is Leche Flan too! i can finish the whole lianera is seconds! haha :)

Fashion Moment said...

Of course, darling! I added you on FP List, too!


Charmaine said...

The picture of the dog is TOO CUTE!!

proudly says, said...

hi lady!
how are you?
i love all the cameos in diff colors and faces!
huh! poor little dog, he doesn't want to be like mini mouse! now, he's mad at you. lol!

Sherin said...

Awww, your dog looks adorable in that outfit.

Elizabeth Victoria C said...

lovee your white dress, and your poor puppy's costume, so adorable!! xx

Anonymous said...

i love cameos! my mom introduced me to them cos she loves them too. she has a growing number of collections. i love all your pieces particularly the lady with the bluish-gray background. lovely!


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