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Jun 15, 2009

How are you everyone? I hope you're weekend was as good as mine. It was a long weekend because of the Independence day so I decided to go to the city for some girl bonding with my friend. We hit Bonifacio High Street that night and ate at Tatami, a Japanese restaurant with excellent food and great service:

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Passed by my favorite spot, Fully booked, a three storey bookstore!

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After having coffee at Puccini, we decided to spend the night at Ascend Superclub. We don't usually go to clubs and hit the late night spas instead but we had a super fun night that we're coming back.

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My outfit for the night is a Jutense Peche dress with a circle peephole back plus snakeskin pumps from SM:

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Here is my friend Rica, who has also her own signature sassy style

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I'm so sorry if the pictures are not blog worthy but I had a wonderful time so I'm sharing them with you. Also, I highly recommend Ascend Superclub. They have an excellent service plus the crowd is friendly and fun. More pictures to come!


Overdressed Me said...

i also frequent Fully Booked. it's like heaven there!

and i wud have wanted to see the back of ur dress. but u look timelesss, as usual.

Damsels said...

oooo yummy
love hat white dresstoo

We Were Damsels

Cheryl said...

I missed Fully Booked. I used to go there and do free reading when I shop at Megamall or that mall in Cubao (sorry forgot the name,hehe!). Love your white dress. :)

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