Do you Remember the Time?

Jun 27, 2009

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I grew up listening to Michael Jackson and Madonna in the 80's. I would imitate MJ's moonwalk and dress up like the Queen of Pop. Though the recent scandals have tainted his image, it takes Death for people to realize how big a superstar is Michael Jackson. I just find it sad that for people to rediscover his music is through his tragedy. He was gone too soon I guess.

I think that morning that I had dresses unconsciously in tribute to his style. Preview magazine has recently featured the style influences of the icons of the 80's and he is one of them. The stove pipe jeans, the white dress shirts and the boots, all check.

outfit details: Guess shirt, Levi's Jeans, Charles and Keith half boot

It was a crisp and cold day

Jun 25, 2009

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It's almost July! Time flies so fast when you're having fun huh? I super love my stay at The Manor at Camp John Hay. The crisp, cold air and the pine trees just relaxes you and before I knew it, our stay has ended. This pictures were taken after the buffet breakfast which was just yummy, I think i have consumed a plateful of bacon ( can you say ravenous girl?) haha.

Dinner was a much more subdued affair at the Le Chef by Chef Billy King.It started off with Beef Carpaccio and my entree was Pork Tenderloin wrapped in bacon. Just typing the words makes my mouth water hahaha.

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So sorry if the pictures are all blurry, I think my camera is trying to say the word abuse. I hope everyone will have a great weekend!

(Outfit 1: Vintage dress, jessica shoes, ForMe belt, No label Cardigan)

(Outfit 2: green Chanel dress, jessica shoes, Vintage Bag)

Lovely Blog Award + a Happy Father's Day to dear Dad

Jun 19, 2009

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location: starbucks camp john hayoutfit: banana republic linen shirt, levi's polo, jessica shoes and elle trenchcoat

Weekend! I love it, especially the relaxed feel it brings and the anywhere-anything goes mood. I'm so sorry for the lack of blog updates but I've been enjoying the days so much. I'd like to thank everyone for their sweet comments. I'll be getting back to you soon and I just miss everyone on the blogging world. If there's one word that can describe me right now is GIDDY. Just giddy with everything in life right now. It's been a roller coaster ride of emotions but I feel like I'm just starting.

This is also an overdue BIG, BIG thank you to the lovely Cheryl of the blog Adventures of Pinay Neska. She gave me this lovely blog award and I am so happy. It is like receiving a beautiful present and just what I needed. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Just a quick shout out to my Papa: Happy Father's day! You are my dad, my mentor, you taught me everything in business and still learning. I am humbled, always. I've always been a daddy's girl and my mom is always amazed that my dad and I could talk so much and never get bored. I miss you so much and also my mom and my sisters. You save me everytime because whenever I feel like I can't do it, you push me and inspire me guys. Cheers!

Put some color on it

Jun 16, 2009

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After clubbing, we decided to spend the Sunday nice and easy. The first picture of me outside the Bottega Veneta store is probably the simplest of me in this blog. We ate late lunch at M cafe near the Ayala museum. It is very airy with its high ceiling and has great music plus the food is superb. It is near the Greenbelt gardens and is easily seen with its white topiaries and a live duo playing music. My friend and I passed by Marta's cakes inside Greenbelt 5 as I was looking at Louis Ghost Chair. I don't know if the playful colors of the icing or the cheery interiors made us go inside and try our hand in decorating cupcakes and cookies. Sometimes, unleashing the inner kid within you is the perfect ending to a very enjoyable weekend.

Dance with me

Jun 15, 2009

How are you everyone? I hope you're weekend was as good as mine. It was a long weekend because of the Independence day so I decided to go to the city for some girl bonding with my friend. We hit Bonifacio High Street that night and ate at Tatami, a Japanese restaurant with excellent food and great service:

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Passed by my favorite spot, Fully booked, a three storey bookstore!

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After having coffee at Puccini, we decided to spend the night at Ascend Superclub. We don't usually go to clubs and hit the late night spas instead but we had a super fun night that we're coming back.

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My outfit for the night is a Jutense Peche dress with a circle peephole back plus snakeskin pumps from SM:

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Here is my friend Rica, who has also her own signature sassy style

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I'm so sorry if the pictures are not blog worthy but I had a wonderful time so I'm sharing them with you. Also, I highly recommend Ascend Superclub. They have an excellent service plus the crowd is friendly and fun. More pictures to come!

Celebrate a new start

Jun 8, 2009

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Hello lovelies!

I terribly miss blogging and reading all your entries. I think every blog has a style that is admirable and I always get inspired by them. As for the title, I intend to live life as positive as possible from now on because I found myself in a terrible situation last week. We never really know when our lives will end and I'm sorry for the morbid thought haha! More on that on my next entry and will do some R&R. Have a great week ahead of you!

I've got a tag!

Jun 2, 2009

I've got a tag to answer from the lovely Cheryl of the blog Adventures of a Pinay Neska. It's so fun being tagged as it gets me really thinking of some answers. Some favorites change over the course of years and some really become unchanged. For example, my new favorites are these cameos. They are classic and elegant pieces and I love the melange of colors available.

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All ladies looking fair and pretty

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Now, these two are my favorites amongst them. The lady with the red background is the first i'll mount on a backing and design first. The lovely reddish orange color got to me and made the carving stand out. The blue cameo on the right is also an obvious favorite because I adore dogs. Although I don't have a Yorkie, the lovely depiction got to me.

Speaking of favorites, the tag is all about 20 of it. It's been fun thinking of answers for this one because I really LIKE a lot of things in multiples LOL.

20 0f my favorite things:

1. Color: White and Red

2. Dessert: Leche flan or Tocino el cielo or creme brulee. In short, these three are the same thing: custard flan!

3. Smell: Roses

4. Flower: Lilies, because they are the first flowers I have ever received from the BF

5. Animal- Dogs of course, namely Dobie, Corky, Sandy, Nami, Tyrone, Ponzie and Tutti

Dobie in his minni mouse costume. He looks so perplexed, poor baby.

6. Month - December. I love the smell of pine trees, gifts, christmas dinner feast and the generally happy mood of people.

7. Beverage - Water

8. Pair/s of shoes- Heels and ballerina flats. They must co-exist with each other. Must.

9. Snack- Pizza... Just writing the word makes me conjure slices of its goodness!

10. Song- Mamma Mia Soundtrack

11. Book- The art of seduction and the art of war by robert greene

12. Fruit- Honey dew melon and mangoes :D

13. Hairstyle- softly curled hair with a headband

14. Piece/s of clothing-Dresses!

These two were my picks for the graduation day. I really wanted to wear the white dress because of its dramatic drape at the back (Stella McCartney) and I bought it eons ago especially for the occasion. I ended up wearing this LBD that I wore to my first college grad for the pictorials.

15. Store/s to clothes shop- Thrift stores, Adora for gorgeous pieces (Tyler, Missoni, D&G) and Bench for their bamboo silk t shirts!

16. Season- forever SUMMER

17. Hobby- Cooking, Surfing, Body Boarding

Some home made pesto that I have whipped up over the weekend :D

18. Things to collect- Sea glass, Cameos, Perfumes, Pucci dresses

19. Movie- Breakfast at Tiffany's. Makes me cry at the end especially when Holly tossed Cat on the alley.

20. Restaurant- currently Mimmo's Italian restaurant.

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