Who wears pastel trench coats?

May 7, 2009

I'm tired of complaining about the weather. I thought it couldn't get any worse but there's a storm raging outside. I'm surfing the internet right now because the power might go off soon because the storm is going to land here in our province. Possibly, this is my last post for the week if the rains do not cease.

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my *smiley*, my yellow car which seems to be the brightest car in the parking lot

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(Blouse: Hermes; Skirt: Zara Trf; Shoes: Anica; Bag: Chanel; Trench: Elle)

This morning, the bf and I went to the mall to buy some candles, flashlight and other supplies needed when a storm strikes. We managed to have some photos taken before going home hahaha. This pastel trench coat is my sister's but she left it when she went to the states. It was the perfect coat for the chilly weather and looked cute with its peachy pink color. A lot of people at the mall were giving me weird stares but I just thought "to each his own". I am comfortable in what I'm wearing so I don't really give anything.

It's friday tomorrow so to all who are having gorgeous weather, have a great weekend! I leave you with pictures of beaches I might be visiting next week and the best part of all, it's all located in my own province. Let's hope the sun shines next week!

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Tondol Beach

Photo taken from kfir_k92's photostream at flickr

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Patar beach

Photo taken from bolinao_currimao_paoay_5star's photostream at flickr


lucille said...

lovely little chanel bag !!and i love your vest !

Winnie said...

That pink coat is perfection!

che idrees said...

Hi Ms.Cherie :)

I really love your outfit and bag!
You look stunning that is why people are looking at you :)



Cheryl said...

That coat is an eye candy :)but what caught my attention were the doggy prints on that boho shirt of yours,hehe! Are you in Manila right now? I hope typhoon Emong wasn't too rough on your place. The typhoon and Manila were shown on the weather news here in Spain since last night.


Elizabeth Victoria C said...

i love the pastel trench! it just screams spring. your car is so happy looking haha xx

Eden said...


stunning as always love! that hermes is to die for. too adorable! and oooh.. beach. i so need a getaway now. super. totally swamped with stuff to do, sob sob.:(

much love


Fashion Moment said...

Beautiful photos and great outfits! I like your golden shoes.


MC said...

I have a really bright yellow car too! It's a Volkswagen Beetle. It is a cheerful color :)

bestie said...

That top is the most adorable thing ever! And the coat.. oh how I want that coat... *sigh*

I've been loving our weather these last few days. I got to bust out my boots, for one! But your right about the stares in the mall.. you just kind of get used to them I guess!(:

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