Me loves this!

May 1, 2009

I'm obsessed with this Miss Dior Cherie ad. I kinda want my life to be like this (hey, it's free to dream. Everything in this ad is perfect! Dior dresses, pastries, baloons, the perfume, her room, French Vogue, Paris! Someday, I'll have a picture of myself in a pink dress with a bunchful of pastel balloons.

On another note, I'd like to ask dear lovelies, on something I'm very curious about. How do I give blog awards? Is there some site to go or points to earn?

It's also great to be back on cyberspace. My internet conked out for three days aaggghhh, it was like being missing, my chanel dress ripped at the side and the side mirror of my car was scratched by a motorcycle! Is there a mercury retrogade I don't know about? It's weekend again and I've never been happier to see it arrive.


che idrees said...
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che idrees said...

Hi Ms.cherie... I missed you blog posts :)

btw, i love the ad..very french lol!
see you around...


Eden said...

hi gorgeous cherie,

hope your day's been okay! i hate it when my internet conks out too-- totally breaks my mood. argh! happens more frequently than i like too.:( anyway, for some cheers, i tagged you on my blog for some Q and A. can't wait to see your answers!

much love


Ariella said...

I've loved that commercial since the first time I saw it.... so wonderful and dreamy.

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