gray skies in the horizon

May 26, 2009

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The upside of having no internet connection is that you can go out and truly enjoy nature instead of being stuck in your room all day. I'm guilty of that so this past Sunday, we took a road trip to a beach two hours from where I live. Roadtrips are fun, it leaves you time to bond with your companion on the drive plus the shared experience is just refreshing. As you can see, the beach is not so populated and is very picturesque. The only sad thing is one part of the beach is littered with trash. I hope they take heart to the saying:

"Take nothing but pictures
Leave nothing but foot prints
Kill nothing but Time"

Wishing all of you a great week! It's the last days of summer (for us here) , last chance to catch those rays and beach fun!


Sweet Things said...

great pics!!!

proudly says, said...

darling, where were these photos taken?
which part of pinas?

you do look good!

Sol said...

my internet was out for a week or two a few months ago, and i realized how many things i could do without being in front of the computer.
these pics make me wish i lived near a beach.. sigh..

Laura said...

What an amazing view!
I love how the both the clouds and the beach are in focus.
Hope you enjoyed it ;)
x Laura

Cheryl said...

Wow! I missed the Philippine shore line.Your photos are so beautiful and they're making me homesick,huhuhu! Anyway, thanks for stopping by and leaving some sweet comments on my blog. :)

Eden said...

hi C, san ba to? its quite a scenic beach! you look so tranquil. yep sana nga they clean it up noh? nothing i hate more than a filthy beach. its like the ultimate sacrilege!

much love


Elizabeth Victoria C said...

lovee the red shorts, i've been looking for a pair myself lately! and i agree about no internet connection. i've been trying to wean myself off technology more and more lately haha

Denise said...

wow! na miss ko naman talaga ang mga updates mo. hihihi. i love the photos especially the first one. where is this beach?

che idrees said...

nice pics Ms.Cherie :)

I LOVE the shorts!!! :)

The July Girl said...

Amazing pictures!!

Overdressed Me said...

that first photo is juz perfect!

fhen said...

amazing pictures! what is the name of the beach, miss?
ah i want beach for summer holiday too!

Rebecca Rose said...

WOW WOW the pics are so beautiful. It looks like u were really having a lot of fun.

Take care.

prettyneons said...

Thats one cool road trip!
PeAce & BoWs...
prettyneons x
ps...stunning pics as always ;)

kirstyb said...

Loving the shorts xoxox

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