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May 6, 2009

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clockwise: kids playing inside gigantic balls, dobie begging for popcorn; corky smiling at the cam, bamba hungry for gem stars. these dogs brighten up my day whenever they come round.

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my vintage white chanel bag

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( Thrifted victorian dress, chanel pendant, chanel bag, amethyst ring by panopio jewellery)

plus what i wore today at work and playing with my laptop webcam during a lull in my office.

Yesterday was my best thrifting day ever! I went to some shops that I rarely frequent and I got so many amazing pieces that fit me so well. Also, I bought Nina Garcia's book "The Little Black book of Style". There's nothing new that the book will teach you but it is very handy and all the good advice is compressed into one little book. She also gives advice on what wo wear at different occasions and give examples of movies that we might draw inspiration from. If those don't get you, the wonderful illustrations of Ruben Toledo will.


Laura said...

amazing chanel bag!
if you have time, visit and follow my fashionblog too: http://stylecoaching.blogspot.Com
x Laura

Denise said...

gasp for the chanel! wow!

the dogs are uber cute!

Cheryl said...

I'd like to steal that white Chanel vintage bag, coz it would probably take me a decade of saving my allowance to have an original one. Have a nice day! :)

little tea cup said...

may i please raid your closet?


your vintage chanel bag is to die for.

and i'd push an old lady for the red skirt you just posted.

well...not really

Mode Junkie said...

cute bag. and i love it more because it's vintage. ;)

Overdressed Me said...

i adore your victorian dress. and i adore it more coz it's thrifted. such a great find!

Eden said...


i SUPER SUPER love your vintage chanel bag. i've dug up a few vintage chanels the past few years and i know how great that feels! love it. you look fantastic everytime i see you.:)

much love


FASHIONconfectionairy said...

Want that chanel bag, oh I'm so envious!

Nita-Karoliina said...

Thanks so much love!!!but i feel like crab.. read my latest update so you will know..
you have a nice blog too! <3

Queen Of Russia said...

Wow, gorgeous purse!

Loves it!

-Ana, heavymetalfashion

Flores Hayes said...

i love your gorgeous bags!!!

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