May 21, 2009

When all things fail, I wear black. Lots of people don't understand this as I end up being asked at whose funeral to go to. Black is very easy to wear plus anything can do with accesories and shoes.

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
wearing a:
blouse: Hussein Chalayan
jeans: Cheap Monday
Shoes: from Divisoria, the most enjoyable shopping. bang for your buck haha

This is a headpiece I'm working on. Hopefully, it will turn out good. Tomorrow is the start of my graduation ceremonies so I'm chilling out with a glass of wine and some delicious pizza by an authentic italian chef. Ciao!

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Oh, wait! I'm watching The Hills (MTV). I think it's really kind of entertaning but kind of shallow. Does anyone have an opinion on the show?


Fashion Moment said...

Wow, you look gorgeous in black! I love that flower!


Overdressed Me said...

don't worry, i totally understand how u feel bout black. im a believer of the black color too.

it will always make us chic. and those sunnies are so cool.

Sherin said...

That flower in your hair is beautiful.

I love the hills. I guess it is a bit shallow, but its great entertainment. And I love seeing what they're wewaring on the show.

Fell4fashion said...

Black is always chic! Love that necklace in the last photo, and I'm in love with the hills!!! so entertaining and addictive! try watching the city too with Whitney :)

Elizabeth Victoria C said...

I used to watch the hills religiously but I didn't watch this season at all for some reason. I really love your cameo necklace

Hanh said...

You look so chic on black. Love your belt!

Cheryl said...

I love the cameo pendant that your wearing,is that vintage? Btw,thanks for dropping by and leaving a note on my blog. Excited to hear your top 20!;)

The July Girl said...

Lovely photos!
I used to watch that show, it is kind of shallow, but I enjoyed it haha!

Eden said...


sorry if i haven't visited just yet.. a little bit busy! just dropping by to let you know that i love you in black. you look good in it, and well, its a new twist to you that i like! i know you love pucci but black also looks fantastic on you love.:)

much love


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