White is not a color

Apr 18, 2009

With the sweltering heat, I find it hard to wear other colors especially my favorite black. I seem to be always gravitating to white clothes this week and luckily, half of my clothes are in that color. The only problem with having so much clothes in white is when I am attending a wedding. Bah, that only happens once in a while :D. So here are my bright whites that I wore this week:


(Thrifted dress, Vintage Oscar dela Renta cardigan, anica shoes)

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(Handmade skirt that I had "bubbled" only at the front, Plains and Prints blouse, folded and hung belt, SM dept store shoes)

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(Vintage lace dress, SM dept store sandals)

This is what I wore to work this Saturday. I couldn't resist a small photoshoot before going to my office. Work you might say? This is usually the plight of a business owner. You have to be on call 24/7 and holidays are usually non existent. But I am grateful for my work because it gives me challenges to work on everyday and it is so rewarding when everything goes smoothly after a hectic day. Well, enough ranting as tomorrow is rest day for a company beach outing.

P.s. Sorry for the boring outfit post. Beach pictures to be posted soon :D

Thanks for reading, have a lovely weekend everyone.


Denise said...

lovely! looking pretty in white. love whites too, now that reminds me to wear them more. hihi. it looks so cool and clean and you can never go wrong with them.

anong brand ng shoe mo? is it really from SM? ang ganda naman. hindi ako nakakatingin ng shoes sa Sm eh, mostly belts and tights madami ako galing ng SM and landmark.

Elizabeth Victoria C said...

I love all the white dresses! I wish it was warm enough here to start wearing sleeveless dresses. Gorgeous xo

kelse said...

that last dress is killer, my fave. xx

Overdressed Me said...

dont we Filipinos just love SM!

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