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Apr 13, 2009

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(dress: marc by marc jacobs; bag: nine west; shoes: anica)

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I'd like to say a very BIG thank you to my dad and my mom plus my sisters for sending me a care package this Easter. To my Mom, thank you for the perfumes while to my Dad, I love the gadgets you have sent my way. To my sisters who gave me tons of makeup plus some kick ass heels, salamat ng madami! Betha, I super super love the Thakoon for Target dress :D Opening the package made me feel so blessed and the items inside made me think that they have really picked it out for me. I don't need to go shopping for a few months and this just might be the answer to my self imposed shopping ban.


The Fabulous Girl said...

such a cute dress. love the print on it.


Denise said...

ive never been to manila ocean park, is it nice there? maybe this month makapunta kami. I love your outfit, so cute, cool, perfect for the summer heat.

btw thanks for your nice comment on my blog, hope to see you around. have a great day!

Victoria C said...

Gorgeous printed dress. Care packages are the best aren't they? xo

Noelle Chantal said...

oh, this is in manila ocean park! i've been here and it's so much fun seeing those beautiful fishes. makes me want to go diving. hehe

by the way i like your marc jacobs dress, looks great on you together with those colorful flats!

and oh lucky you to receive tons of amazing gifts from your loved ones. no shopping list for a month! yehey! :)

Overdressed Me said...

im inlove with this dress! im drooling w/ envy ryt now.

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